Using babies pacifier fraud

Some children of mothers weep cries for any reason, give dummy the baby immediately. This has many drawbacks.

• Children's teat linger leaves began to cry and cry in the meantime the real reason may be overlooked. For instance, six ıslanmışsa, wetness continues. Gland hurts the bottom floor where the child lives can not be corrected.
• No matter how meticulous a liar is not practical to keep the pacifier clean.
• baby soother alışan easily leave this habit.
• Absorption is a need for the child. Pacifier in his mouth when it comes time for a long time holding the baby breast breast sarılamaz a great ambition, so I can not draw enough milk.

Despite this sakıncalarına want to suck his finger to give a child with a pacifier is better. Finger-sucking habit cessation is much more difficult. Because of this habit of not giving people Pacifier unutturulabilir years later, but this is not possible for the finger. If you are facing such a situation, try to use a pacifier clean as possible. You should at least 2-3 pacifiers. That children should not be holes in the teat tire air swallowing.

Moreover, and above all as an important and necessary measures should be taken to yutulmaması by the dummy child. For this part of the dummy in the bone must be large enough and with a ribbon attached to the shirt. 1. Towards the end of the age of the pacifier habit must surely end.

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