What's Disease Treatment of Granuloma

Dental Granuloma

Dental granuloma arising in an organism's response against microbes, in itself can become a dangerous source of infection.

Just below the tooth root, as a growing mass of ligament surrounded by a capsule called a dental granuloma. This mass can be said to occur as a result of a defensive response. Indeed, tooth and tooth root granuloma pulp) of the body has developed a defense mechanism against the spread of the germs of the product. But over time he becomes a source of infection. Here, sheltering in reaching distant organs in various ways microbes cause severe infection foci.

Dental Granuloma Place

Dental roots in the upper and lower jaw bones settled with the tie around the tooth sockets (periodontum), which contains nerves and blood vessels in the connective tissue layer clings to ETSI. Around the tooth bonding, tooth retention function, as well as during chewing or pressure caused by blows from a variety of places. Dental transmitted through the pressure to the bone around the tooth tissue significantly lighter flexible bond.

Ties around the tooth with the root ends of teeth between the presence of many small channel around the tooth germs dişözünden easily allows cross to bond. This situation makes it easy to granuloma formation.

Dental Causes of Granuloma

Disease sooner or later tends to spread around the tooth bond. Because the bond placed around the tooth germs and toxic substances reaching the end of the roots of teeth is very easy because of the channels.

In some cases, tooth slot of a range of microbes that are spread around the tooth, then leaping to the environment is usually close to the upper-jaw bone and the bone tissues of the face, affecting the whole body can cause a severe illness.

Dental Granuloma Symptoms

Dental granulomas and sometimes does not cause any discomfort. But the pressure applied during chewing or persistent pain may also occur in direct patient raging tooth, the shooting. Normal is around the tooth bond is very resistant to pressure. But the inflammation progresses to severe dental pain, even a touch of the small start-sufficient. Pain at the beginning of nerve fibers around the tooth leading to pressure and withdraw fluid accumulation (edema) and granuloma disturb the circulation of blood due to excessive accumulation of blood vessels caused.

Occasionally, the tooth root at the level of gums on the patient or detected in a small swelling. Granuloma cyst can become the root of the developing tooth.

Dental Granuloma Diagnosis and Diagnostic

Granuloma can be diagnosed by examination of dental radiographic index. The film is drawn to the root of dental patients.

Dental Treatment of Granuloma

Dental treatment may be medical or surgical.

Medical treatment. This method of treatment of tooth root canal and germ agents that stimulate granuloma tissue repair is made.

Surgical treatment. Several different interventions can be applied:

Carefully scraped the bottom of the socket of the tooth sits bone, tooth root tip is the part of the granulomas (apisektomi), as teeth or taken.

Surgical intervention, however, failed medical treatment should be thick. Both aesthetic and functional aspects, as well as the basic rule that recovery of the teeth. A dental prosthesis or bridge at the foot of the granuloma constitutes a withdrawal of support is absolutely avoided. Apply apisektomi removal of the prosthesis or re-making of the bridge makes it unnecessary. Thus, the patient and the repeated loss of time and effort in and get rid of expensive operations. But apisektomi only be applied to the front teeth. Azılarda apisektomiyle treatment is very difficult and almost never done.

Large and small granuloma formation at the bottom of a heavy condition, and inadequate medical treatment if the tooth should be set as mandatory. Apisektomi taken at the tip of the tooth root is preserved and can be treated, are understood to sustain the functions of protecting the vitality of the tooth.

Attempted Apisektomi An Important Warning

Diseases such as diabetes that cause changes in bond around the tooth must not forget apisektomi application.

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