Arthritis Drug Treatment

Treatment of arthritis medicines

Your doctor probably say and their respective

Itıhaplı, or, in the treatment of degenerative arthritis is not constructive, and retained as specified in the traditional medicine practitioners to alleviate the pain, reduce inflammation, joint deterioration and loss of strength will not allow use prevention initiatives and been extremely painful and deformed joints that are currently concentrated in change. They perform three main therapeutic category.
Drug treatment
Physical therapy
Surgical intervention

Arthritis drug therapy

In practice, each drug has adverse side effects and is toxic to some degree. The drugs used in the treatment of arthritis is not out of it. The balance between the benefits and risks of a drug should be kept carefully. Thus, affected patients suffer drug side effects çekmemiş hastalığınkilerden is more.

Pain relievers

Rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis, or mild, the initial stage, the only thing needed is a drug to ease the pain.

Aspirin is the drug of choice for many years, because it reduces inflammation, but received a large dose of stomach disorders, bleeding and ulcers, or, wheezing and breathing may be caused by frying. For this reason, nowadays, the analgesic for mild arthritis (pain relief) as a money-setamol generally recommended, because the use of an overdose of liver poisoning gerçekleşmedikçe has no side effects.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Example case

Fifty-two-year-old Mrs Evans, hands, shoulders and knee-lands from time to time to prevent the acute pain although the doctor for the night and went to sleep. Eclipse was not originally the morning. Doctor boğumlarının fried finger when you look at their hands, swollen and painful, clearly saw that. He asks how you're feeling ill and depressed high fever, he said.

Doctor diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis by putting the anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin, and then asked to report to him later as a result of the patient. Two weeks later, the patient came back with complaints of headache and dizziness. Doctor who knows this kind of drug side effects may be less effective this time of the drug by the naproksin wrote. The patient used it much more comfortable and arthritis drug entered the path of continuous improvement.

'Steroids anti-inflammatory drugs' (NSAIDs), as well as advanced osteoarthritis in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory types of arthritis has become very common. These drugs are effective, because it cuts both pain and reduces inflammation, arthritis and rheumatism in the treatment of a compound with an ideal. However, the elderly (usually more sensitive to medications) and those with negative side effects such as asthma may experience an allergic disease. Pregnant, stomach ulcers and kidney or liver impairment should be used with the.

Similar features, but with variable side effects are many different NSAIDs. The patients in response to an NSAID could be problems with another doctor may have to try many until you find the truth.

Second-degree drugs

Artritteki rheumatoid pain, stiffness and inflammation has not improved NSAlDIerle if the disease two to three months after the disarming of various 'second degree' medications may be tried. However, to be severe side effects should be used very carefully.

Gold: Gold is used in the treatment of arthritis for years, but used a random effects could be disastrous. Now, only small doses are given and the effects of blood and urine tests regularly monitored. Can affect the kidneys and blood, but if the skin effect and glow of the open area, or itching, if the use should be discontinued immediately. A very safe and very effective if definitive measures can be taken.

Malaria medicines: developed for the treatment of malaria drug chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in two years by rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is successfully used in the treatment, but side effects can lead to eye problems such as retinopathy. Keeping a small dosage and treatment duration, provided that the limitation to two years despite a decrease in the risk of entering the eye in danger, this drug should be made ​​using the patient's eye checks regularly.

Penicillamine: This drug is a relative of penicillin, but not antibiotics. Similarly, side effects, such as the gold be used with caution, and also weakens the bone marrow. Therefore, regular blood and urine tests should be performed to monitor the effects. Should never be used in the treatment of this disease may be caused by SLE. Rheumatoid arthritis, do not respond to drug treatment and up to six and ten the second week of this drug is given only when the disease is progressing.
Immunosüpresanlar. These are azathioprine, chlorambucil and methotrexate are included and could be useful if the patient does not respond to drugs mentioned so far. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, as well as can lead to zonaya and must be monitored carefully.

Sulfasalazine: Despite the fact, previously used for ulcerated colitis, was found useful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Side effects include redness, stomach disorders and frequent blood tests are necessary to contain the blood irregularities.


Steroids for the majority of rheumatic diseases that once a "miracle drug" was being considered, great care was found, but are no longer acceptable side effects. Diabetes, cataracts, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, osteoporosis, peptic ulcer disease and can cause skin thinning.

The original is no longer used steroids with cortisone, but were awarded a dramatic effect wisely prednisolone derivatives is one of the show and is often used in the treatment of SLE and rheumatic polimiyalji. In severe cases, large doses, starting with the least amount necessary gradually reduced to great success. Corticosteroid medications, to reduce the painful inflammation of the joints and soft tissues to be injected directly.

Example case

Seventy-eight-year-old Ms. Gibson, a terrible headache one morning, and the arms, shoulders, neck, back and leg pain awoke. His shoulders were involved so that, even so in need of a cup of tea götüremedi lips. He felt very bad husband, he helped tilt. Her husband called the doctor came after a period of time.

After a careful examination, a doctor took a bit of blood for blood testing and women's 'rheumatic polimiyalji' by having a rheumatic disease, saying kuşkulandığını wrote a prescription for prednisolone. The next day, the result of the blood test would come together, and Mr. Gibson said that his wife wanted him to call if headaches increased.

The doctor came the next day he put the blood test that confirmed the diagnosis of rheumatic polimiyalji polimiyaljiye and often accompanied by headache and temporal arteritis is the result of a disease is to see that put at risk, he said.

Fortunately, prednisolonun was a striking effect. Ms. Gibson getting headaches and aching bodies recovered. Gezinebildi stand up for a short time and regular checks gidebildi doctor's office.

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