Dental Care Gum

How to Protect Teeth, Teeth and Gum Care

Dental health is to protect the note the following:

- Examination of the teeth are made ​​twice a year,
- Growth in the age of attention is paid to nutrition,
- Minerals rich foods should be eaten, - Dental Health: A, the CD is taken vitamins,
- Milk and dairy products should be eaten,
- Apples, carrots, fruits such as biting food, strengthens the gum.
- Between meals sweet, acidic foods should be avoided,
- Sugary food should be washed after the mouth,
- After the meal and at bedtime brushed teeth,
- Toothpicks and hard objects tooth breaks,
- Used dental floss for cleaning teeth,
- Alcohol and smoking should not use,
- Rigid bodies with dental,
- Gum chewing, pencil biting, stop habits forget for a long time to put hand to the chin,
- Avoid very hot and very cold foods and beverages,
- Dental treatment and experts on shooting up,
- Mouth open should not sleep.

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