What is Ayurveda

The welfare of a man in the middle of a life full of sadness, worry and discontent is surprising to see live. This is a contradiction and a happy life goals of Ayurveda. To solve this dilemma of desire, anger, pride, greed, and regulated as barriers to take control of your work.

Ayurveda, the human spirit and the body is an integral and dependent relationship between individuality and the body-in-one thinks.

Ayurveda is the grouping of abnormal mental functions

Manokivaras'ın classic literature categories:

General mental harm to the functions:
Istemdışılığının organs of the body without any abnormality in the perception of control and abnormalities (Indriya Vigrah)
Mental control (Manonigraha)
Forecast (Ooha)
Different aspects of thought and mind (Vichara)
Decision (Buddhi)
Memory (Smriti)
Routing and response (Sanjajna-na)
Desiree (Bhakti)
Habits and creation (Shula)
Psychomotor activity (Chesta)
Management, separate or together (Achara)
Poor memory at the beginning of the disease (the presence of Al-pasatva,)
The body of three doshasının (dosha ayurve-da'da psychological, biological, and chemical properties is a group) or two doshasının participation in mind.
Disease, mental illness (Manosvikaran) or disease of body and mind (Ubhayat-makvikara) as the classical definition.
Manovaha stotas'ın pollution.

Anxiety Symptoms, Anxiety in Children

The term is used in terms of Chittodvega Manovikaras'ta concern. Which is a concern in humans, mental instability, fear, trembling, palpitations, anger, indecision, chest pressure, fainting, or power interruption, in the form of chest pain and intense sweating are stinging. According to renowned physicist who lived in ancient times Charaka'ya all these are caused by the deterioration of vata'nın. Two mental dosha'nın (raja and tama) and vata imbalance and abnormality sözkonusudur pita'nın.

Ayurvedic literature, clinical signs and symptoms of Worrying

Lack of Self-Confidence
Shaking hands
Heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat
Susceptibility dry mouth or throat dryness petulance intense chest tightness, sweating, intense thirst restless and unstable state of being exhausted
Withdraw from the face and neck muscles, stress
Poor memory
Negative thinking
Body aches

What is the treatment of anxiety?

Ayurvedic medicine recommends that a group of internal regulations and to be applied to the outside. These drugs should be used in addition to the soul, and behavior therapy. Concern for the recovery of the proposed treatment process; laxatives, nasal instilled, into the forehead medicated cream, milk, oil, lead and mold a wet head, participated in drug delivery services.

The following instructions are, for the treatment of anxiety usually include combinations of drugs used.

1. Brahmi Ghrita, Kalyana Ghrita Pahchagavya Ghrita medicine or any one of our five grams taken twice daily with milk.
2. Asvvagandharista'dan Sarasvvatarista or 20-30 ml with equal quantity of water taken twice daily after meals.
3. Smriti Sagar from 12 to 250 milligrams two to three times a day Rasa Rasa Cahurmukha or taken together with honey.
4. Churna Sarasvvata 3-5 grams twice daily taken with milk.
5. From 125 to 250 milligrams twice a day Manasmitra Vataka taken with milk or water
6. Tail Ksheerbala Five milliliters of milk is taken three times a day.
7. Tail to Tail, or too much perspiration Asanvilvadi Dhanvantari and thus the cause for the elimination of toxins from the body is recommended.
8. Thumbnail anxiety drugs, medicines that contain any of the following is recommended for the force: Chayavanprash, Brahmi Rasayana, or Shatavari leha Asvagandhavaleha. Depending on any one of these drugs Semptomlarınıza grams is recommended for use once a day with milk.

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