Psoryatik Arthritis (Arthritis Pearlescent)

Psoriasis (psoriasis), the UK population is a common skin disorder affecting approximately two percent. Sometimes they are usually the backbone, or, in extreme articulation of fingers and toes, and sometimes affects the knees accompanied by a form of inflammatory arthritis.

Psoriatic arthritis undergoing severe deformation of the joint can be injured, but normally does not leave, and most people can cope with it.

This form of arthritis, Reiter's syndrome at the same time, or, sometimes called Brodie disease. Dr. in 1916. Hans Reiter and penile inflammation in the eyes of a German cavalry officer captured stream associated with a case of acute arthritis identified, but an Englishman, Sir Benjamin Brodie in 1818 the same combination of signs at identified.

This is a sexually transmitted disease as well as response to infection may also be a response to an intestinal infection. In both cases, the emergence of symptoms such as inflammation and sores are not nice. Inflammation of the foot and knee joints usually occur at the same time, but it can affect the spine and arms.

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