Medicines and Treatment of Gout Disease

Drugs and Treatment of Gout Disease

Currencies, one of the most painful rheumatic diseases, gout is now the most easily treated in a pleasing manner, and prevention has become nileni. To reduce pain and inflammation of the gut during acute short-term therapy the drug of choice in high NSAID dosages indometasindlr tolerated. An alternative kolkisin unpleasant side effects (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain) can be toxic in high doses, and shows.

Preventing the recurrence of crises in the long-term therapy, the use of common, well-tolerated and effective drug in preventing the formation of uric acid, allopurinol is used.


Physiotherapy (physical therapy) and rehabilitation of physical therapy in two commonly used method for the treatment of arthritis. Physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists often work in hospitals with rehabilitation services. Physiotherapists are assigned to the degree of the eclipse in joints, increase volatility to prepare patient-specific exercise programs, as well as other treatment methods, paraffin bath, and electrotherapy resolve the pain and the eclipse.

The degree of disability that prevents the activities of daily life of patients ^ uzmanlarıysa Rehabilitation appointed, by the different ways to teach patients to do their jobs and daily life, tools and equipment specially designed to facilitate the use of the show sağlayıp.

Physiotherapy for arthritis and rheumatism

Physiotherapists their patients about the hospital or clinic, or, for the first time seeing the clinic, and then evaluates the status of the treatment program to recommend specific treatment for each patient. Probably includes the following methods in the treatment of arthritis.


Short-wave diyatermisi, interferensiyel and electrical treatment of various types, including ultrasound therapy, painful joints and muscles to help the healing process to apply a slight temperature.

Cold therapy

Cold or hot can be so relaxing to an inflamed joint. Therefore, to relieve pain, increase circulation and use ice packs to speed up healing.
Physiotherapists in order to decrease inflammation in the joints to rest for the exact süyekler prepare and implement.

Physiotherapists leg and foot joints in patients with pain as a result of the problem of walking shoes, appropriate walking aids and offering help.
Physiotherapists to relieve stress, reduce pain and thereby help to resolve tension teach relaxation techniques.
Many physiotherapists are now training acupuncture and physiotherapy services for some patients, this natural treatment method is presented.

Rehabilitation and arthritis

Rehabilitation professionals are employed in hospitals and social service institutions. An independent life for persons with disabilities to help sürebilmeleri all available tools, hardware, and have extensive knowledge about adjustments. To determine the degree of disability of the patient, assistants, and to propose adaptations and aids patients to use it more easily find their way to do daily activities and received training in teaching.

Rehabilitation specialists, this practical work, as well as how to protect joints in patients with and informs on how to cope with pain and advise them about the disease-larınıkabullenme.

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