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Food for Babies, babies Issuance of Additional Nutrients

Generally, starting from the third month is given additional foods. There are many benefits of the introduction of the third month of this work.
1 - starting from the third month of the child in need of breast milk not meet some of the ingredients, for example, iron requirement.

2 - Children's rough, hard to get used to solid foods, the age grows. Only the milk until the age of 1 to 1.5 times the food given to accustom the child sometimes becomes a problem. However, easily resolvable in the third month of this job.

3 - the third month after the baby's digestive system to digest food that have become rough.
For these reasons, many doctors now recommend starting in the third month addition to food.
The third month, additional mamalara başlanınca, children do not eat it until the day against these foods react at first. However, shortly after the arc.

Baby food and spoon, you will taste the first few days, both in terms of consistency yadırgar. Until then only the addition of milk to the baby knows how foods taste and swallowed his yutuluş is a separate problem. So the easiest way to select the child and put her mouth pulls out of baby food immediately. You can re-fill out a spoonful of baby food in her mouth, and he sprays out of baby food again. It's like that at your nerves as you continue to deteriorate. You can not understand how much food the child ate the same time.

This yakınmalarınızın all right. In spite of everything have to be patient. They had offered and try to give him mouth to collect the child still and know that these foods your child will eat two to three days.

Foods will be given until today introduced new things every child should be given as a very small amount. (For example, a teaspoon).

Bakery foods:

To do this food rice, barley, wheat, corn meals are needed one. Bakery foods should be cooked with milk (as a sort of custard). You use flour, especially wheat and barley-flour until the baby is seven months yeğleyin.

Some of these flours in children diarrhea, skin rash, do not forget also. If you just change the type of flour you encounter such a situation.

Encouraged by this bakery foods the child likes to give her baby food at every meal work famous "one-way» that leads to a diet, this way of eating the wrong. Said to be commercially available in the various vitamins most important difference between flours is ready.
Bakery's food issue especially in the second meal time (hours on water) should be.

Also, the food is always the same flour will make enough of the child in mind the different genus flours should be used from time to time.

0 then sum up the three-month formula prepared by the child will be given only one meal, other times will continue to milk again. Introduced earlier by the same used in fruit juices and vitamins. The third month, in addition to a start pürelerine fruit.

Apple fruit puree is the one most suitable for children. Prompted them mashed into shape while you can put in milk.

Semolina soup (3 MONTHS):

5 coffee cup of water.
1 full teaspoon of semolina, a pinch of salt.
1 teaspoon butter.
Semolina and salt in a cup is placed in the water, boiled for 20 minutes. Relegated to the fire when thrown into the 1 tablespoon butter.

Muhallebesi Semolina (3 MONTHS):

1 tablespoon semolina. 3 coffee cup of water.
2 coffee cups of milk.
1 pinch of salt.
2 tablespoons packed brown sugar.
Semolina mixed with warm water and heated is placed. After mixing thoroughly with warm milk, salt, sugar is added. Boil for 10 minutes.

Fruity rice porridge (4 MONTHS):

250 gr. apple.
1 teaspoon sugar.
Lemon peel (lemon, one quarter).
5 spoons (soup) rice. 5 coffee cup of water.

Apples peeled and seeds removed from the shells thoroughly after washing. A rough cut into small pieces and crushed. On sugar, grated lemon peel is placed.
Another container of rice boiled in water for about 20 minutes. Downloading it from the fire this rough first kaptakiler emptied. Boiled and reduced to 1 -2 minutes.

Apple porridge (5 MONTHS):

2 tablespoons rice.
3 small apple.
1 teaspoon sugar. 1 pinch of salt.
After the apples are thoroughly washed and peeled, divided into small pieces, thrown into the water. Rice, sugar and salt, stirring till it is cooked until the rice is tender and the apples are crushed. As for the fire is downloaded into mush.

Roasted meat and flour soup (6 MONTHS):

1 teaspoon butter.
Filled with fine wheat flour 1 tbsp.
4 coffee cup cooked milk.
2 coffee spoon of sugar.
Melt butter, roasted until pink color is placed on the flour, milk and sugar on the baked, boiled for 5 minutes more ekilerek downloaded.
Specifically designed to feed poor children.

Baked vegetable butter (5 MONTHS):

200 grams of vegetables (spinach-zucchini-potato-peas-carrots-house). Or use some combination of one of these.
1 teaspoon butter. 1 teaspoon flour. 1 pinch of salt.

Vegetables are thoroughly washed and extracted, placed in a pot. Boil a little water up to 30 minutes. Thoroughly crushed.
Butter and flour in a bowl placed over another eritildikten roasted and then poured into the cup first. Participating in a pinch of salt is heated for 10 minutes more.

Carrot puree (5 MONTHS):

200 grams carrots. 5 tea cup of water. 1 pinch of salt. 1 teaspoon butter.
200 grams carrots carefully washed and peeled and chopped into small pieces into a saucepan, add the water and a pinch of salt, boiled for 45 minutes. Water is filtered and thoroughly crushed carrots. Infiltration of water is boiled and mashed with carrots mixed again for 20 minutes. Then add a teaspoon of butter.
If your child is accustomed to something sweet you can add a little sugar.

Mashed potatoes (5 MONTHS):

4 potatoes.
4 cup milk.
1 pinch of salt.
Peeled potatoes. Chopped into small pieces. Enough to cover a pot of water on them till it is inserted. After attending a pinch of salt to the boil thoroughly (30 minutes). Crushed potatoes, boiled milk by adding water and then filtered.

Beef broth soup (5 MONTHS):

150 grams of beef. 350 grams of bone.
1 liter (4 cups) water.
2 potatoes. 2 carrots.
2-3 leaves of spinach.
1 teaspoon butter.
Meat and bones of a liter of water boiled for 45 minutes. And the water is filtered. In another bowl thoroughly washed, peeled potatoes, carrots, spinach, boiled a little water up to 20 minutes. Crushed and passed through filter. Meat is thrown into the water, a pinch of salt by adding a teaspoon of butter or thoroughly boiled.

Flour soup (6 MONTHS):

4 coffee cup of water.
2 teaspoons of flour you want (starch, wheat, rye, oats, red lentil flour).
2 pinch of salt.

Before you use a small amount of slurry is mixed with water and poured slowly into the water. Boil for 15 minutes. Relegated to the fire, when added to a teaspoon of salt.
You can also use from time to time making this soup broth.

Liver paste (7 MONTHS):

A piece of fresh liver palms up, until the blood is squeezed thoroughly. Then I peeled the membrane. Cold water thrown in this track, burn your hand to warm up water stored in the fire. Then again removed and placed in cold water, re-heated. And so, this process is repeated three times. Then divided into small pieces thoroughly taken (if any meat or machine is pulled). Crushed and passed through wire strainer into a puree and vegetables involved.

Liver paste started the seventh month, before the vegetable puree and put a teaspoon of this amount shall be increased over time.

Cheese for the child (10 MONTHS):

Squeezed lemon half a pound of cooked milk and cooked again. In the meantime, the milk is cut off. Cookware is poured into a cheesecloth bag (or cheesecloth bag, are prepared in the form). This bag hung anywhere for half an hour without getting bored. Thus, out of water is provided. Light salt or sugar by mixing the remaining portion of Tülbentte breakfast bread of the child can take.

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