Mouth and Exterior Maintenance

Ideal Dental Care must be?

Ideal plate is completely free from microbes are provided with oral hygiene teeth.
During the day, eat to sustain our lives again and again causes the formation of plaque. Record maturation, ie, the population of microbes reaching enough, is removed through the teeth and gums can harm tooth. This information is called Brush your teeth 2 times a day for at least behind the cause.

Teeth four-dimensional. Front, rear, side and are chewing their faces. Microbial plaque to all the faces, especially in places intricate sticks. But people usually only the front side of teeth. Like 40 seconds long, this is missing in the scrubbing process, not only protects regions. Combing the areas, especially the back teeth, between teeth and chewing surfaces of the faces will continue to record the activities at a brisk pace. In other words, these regions will be provided the necessary environment for tooth decay and gum disease.

Ideally, hygiene, teeth plaque vaccine completely.

This is usually unobtainable, as was done with 40 seconds brushing. Teeth front, rear and side of chewing enough quality time with a soft brush (about 3 minutes) brushed. In this way, some 80 percent of all the faces brushing protects oral health. Plate is covered with teeth still in interfaces. Brush hair is impossible to reach these interfaces.

Our teeth side by side to us that confers laughters cute. Stand on the theme of the elbow, but they are not attached to each other, such as in a block. So now the scourge of our heads between our teeth in the dental plaque comfortably settled, there matures, even around here is even more comfortable. Because even with regular brushing can not be accessed here. Maybe you're talking about very small areas, but also our guests will not see it is small and we call our small number have landed in the trillions we think, should take seriously and understand how these regions. The shape of these interfaces can not go brush your teeth, according to the sequence of dental floss, or private dental brush interface mechanically cleaned, ie, plaque must be removed. This information can then brush your teeth rotting the answer. Brush your teeth regularly, despite the deep decay, tooth loss, gum recession and bleeding as the main reason that you're experiencing tooth and gum problems, problems that began here and continues interfaces.

A weapon in the War of the dental plaque putty. But for some reason, tooth pastes are overrated. However, through the removal of dental plaque toothbrush and dental floss performs. Toothpaste it more comfortable, more effective cleaning converts. Also increases the power in the teeth with a fluoride supplement. Prevents yellowing teeth. But I'd drop a deserted island, only two oral hygiene products for the right to receive, even if I could buy a toothbrush and dental floss. People to save me, yellow teeth, maybe I used to smile, but I would not have been suffering from tooth decay and gum. People are more important than the quality of the brush, run after the shape of features such as multi-brand toothpaste. Taste, smell like any toothpaste that contains fluoride to use. But the quality of the brush, the shape, the softness of the points to be considered. When you lose bristles parallelism, left and right replaced.

Brushing should be very soft. Germ layer that is at the top of tooth plaque, a sticky layer, but the shoes will need to scrape mud and so is not as hard as, of course. Clear at the top of this soft layer of your tooth with a soft brush. If you use a hard brush, tooth enamel layer will cause wear and tear. This gradually makes the gums and the enamel layer of the eye trauma, the effect will not be noticed to the opening of tiny nicks. This notch is opened and the tooth where the enamel layer of tooth decay is not lost despite the protection of fresh, cold and sour in the face of such effects. On the one hand, "Brush my teeth, so, still holding gums. A good physician understands the situation immediately. Enamel layer of material drop-off in this region special. These substances should be checked often, this treatment must be repeated over time. This condition can also be applied advanced ones more advanced treatments.

Brush your teeth regularly twice a day, but still rank below consists of decayed teeth is doing one of the possible errors:

Tooth Brushing Techniques Related to

Error: Brushing Short-Term

Tooth brushing can keep your time is too short. Normally the brushing time is 3 minutes. Many people use this time to a maximum of 40 seconds. Usually appears at this time, surfaces of front teeth and teeth brushed. However, we do chewing surfaces of teeth with our language, and this time faces looking can not share. However, these regions are ideal places in the attachment plaques. Sometimes my patients to identify a song until the song brushing advice teeth. So you can see the difference between brushing times the normal duration of brushing.

Error: Hard Brush

It will clean your teeth hard to believe 'that the brush may be brushing. You "love" under the pretext of her husband beaten up every day look like. Tooth brush every day is a hard slaps, gum in the face of this trauma is pulled back, reveal the roots of teeth. Mine to the wear layer. Stiff brush to clean the places to be indented to show the necessary flexibility and the decay occurs there.

Error: not using dental floss

3 minutes with a soft brush your teeth and still have caries, dental floss, or toothpick special you're not using. Search hundreds of tiny cavities to your teeth cleaned up enough to interface with the negligence penalty in this draw.

Now I get a little unity of dentists mouth "Scrub, scrub," say I think you understand. Dear readers, needles and drugs to excess weight, not fewer calories, so get rid of motion. My teeth decay, bleeding gums, my mouth if you want to smell, vitamins, seek help from antibiotics. The only thing you have to do; dental plaque on the teeth in time to remove mechanically. First, get that straight. Do not worry, all the miraculous things that scientists are pursuing. But not an invention of our generation does not catch up.

1. Dental and dental diseases cause 90 percent microbial dental plaque.
2. Microbial dental plaque, tooth germs, and food residues on the accumulation of thin, a layer of coloring agents that can be seen.
3. This plaque, cavities and gum disease, for lack of reason, at the latest within 24 hours, the surface of the tooth brush, dental floss to remove all the interfaces.
4. Not remove the latest within 24 hours, reaches the size of the bacteria damage the teeth and gingiva.
5. Plaque is sticky with water stray away from teeth, but with an effective brushing to get rid of him.

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