What is Homopati

Homopati concern; people from the opposite but as the reaction of the mind against the explicitly-threatening situations. Inherent sense of fear rather than external. However, would lead to severe anxiety attacks.

Everyone lives in a period of state concern, and this is normal life is lived in harmony. Thumbnail of concern for some people, however, ceases to be something extraordinary, one of the events becomes a daily routine and starts to affect their lives negatively. Chief concern in this case, as it must to be able to get help from a doctor.

Anxiously Related Homopatik How is Perspective?

Recommends that a group of drugs that are effective in the treatment of anxiety Homopati. Sedative drugs, nor what this azaltıcıdır symptoms. Completely eliminate the symptoms. As in the concerned Ailopatide Homopati expert to find the root cause and appropriate under the attacks completely eliminate the use of drugs works. Thus, gain emotional power.

As with all diseases, the most effective dose The use of a detailed history is required to remove the appropriate drugs. For this reason, very friendly to talk to your doctor and share all your problems is important. Çekindiğiniz issues remain between you and your doctor. Below are detailed questions to ask your doctor.

Factors that accelerate: You must define the conditions of anxiety just before the episode. These are of one family or a friend's loss, a bad result taking the exam, failure in business life, such as monetary loss may be events. These events make you vulnerable and can not cope with the situation will come to life, even simple fluctuations.

History: In the past, the emotional defeat, (as mentioned above) will weaken the strength to cope with adverse conditions. This extreme reaction to show weakness, even if it will result in a very simple life. At the same time, childhood fear, pain or emotions may be suppressed. Childhood experiences can weaken your personality, and anxiety may be unable to cope with the pressures of life if the neck.

Physical disorders: a long-term illness can weaken the natural defense mechanism in. Thus, both physical and emotional state will fall as weak.

Family history: parents of children who are prone to anxiety attacks, will exhibit the same type of behavior. These children will grow up in the personalities concerned. Similarly, if one parent is a very aggressive or oppressive, children will be frightened. These children are adversely affected by the pressures of life.

Lack of parental love, the father of one of the main loss of a very young age, due to various constraints or pressures not to hear the child neglect leads to trust people. Such people tend to be anxious and worried.

School or working conditions: emotionally insecure or shy people at school or at work exam, interview, competitive environments, such as project presentations have trouble. It can not deal with such situations and experience anxiety or panic attacks. Sometimes, teachers or classmates in the already very little confidence in the act of a thoroughly destructive.

Temperament, nature: personality is very important. Some people may experience anxiety due to fundamentally weak, and very simple, whereas others, even in very difficult conditions in cold-blooded davranabilicek powerful. We are all dominant features of which according to him "escape or fight" reaction, we will.

Instant symptoms: symptoms ettiğinizdeki doctor visits are important.

Fear, phobia, panic attacks, such as changes in the normal conduct ^ all should shout and tell your doctor. At the same time, loved ones, sevmedikleriniz, eating habits, weather conditions, such as sensitivity, the doctor must share the general changes in habits ^. Finally, diarrhea, constipation, gas problems, skin problems, physical symptoms such as hair loss or define. Your doctor will evaluate all the symptoms together and eliminate the symptoms quickly and without side effects and appropriate dose of drugs, will suggest the correct hardness.

What is the treatment of anxiety?

Below are detailed some drugs commonly used in the treatment of anxiety.

Arsenic album: This is the most important drug used to treat anxiety. This drug is to be good for symptoms of anxiety, a small, trivial reasons to feel anxious, fear of illness or death, intense mental discomfort, and general physical weakness, dry mouth may be in addition to drinking water, and too often feel the need.

Aconite: This medicine is a past of fear or shock from the experience of intense fear and anxiety are also effective.

Argentum nitricum and Gelsimium: This medicine is a meeting, interview or test anxiety is beneficial. Some people lose the ability to move this type of expectations.

Kaliphos: This medication is usually used to treat insomnia caused by anxiety. Usually written in the form biochemical and tablets are not very hard.

Ignatia and Natrum mur: a sadness happened has in the past, these medications are very effective in the treatment of anxiety. Especially effective in people who do not share the sorrow of shy. Usually brooder challenges such as rushes and anxiety kapılırlar thoughts.

Aurum met: This medicine is prone to suicide and depression in people living with the problem of concern is very effective.

Staphysagria: Suppressed feelings of resentment or humiliation caused by the anxiety and depression resulting from effective.

Tranquil: a display without causing the anxiety effective in the treatment of a biochemical compound.

In today's lifestyle affects the sense of intense stress and anxiety in humans makes it difficult to avoid. Tranquil Homopatik such as drugs, is highly effective in controlling the negative effects of stress.

Homopati'nin What are the advantages?

There are three key advantages for use in the treatment of anxiety homopatik ilaçlann:
1. Side effects are not: Homopatik drugs are not sedative, so you do not cause drowsiness or blur in the mind.

2. Treatment of physical ailments: anxiety medications Homopatik resources hair loss, skin disorders, heartburn, headache, or other problems to treat. These are the basic reasons for concern, of course - the emotional impact, in addition to elimination occurs.

3. Be a good state: Homopatik agents provide a rapid well-being, and not create dependency. Without being dependent on these drugs, improve the quality of your life, you can feel the active and vigorous. In addition to defining drugs Homopati experts act as a consultant. Information about the reasons behind the behavior changes you and your family gives you and your capacity to naturally help you return.

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