Information About Thermometer (Degree), How to measure

The thermometer is a tool for measuring temperature in general. Health services are used to measure the body temperature thermometer thermometer is called the body.

At one end there is mercury in the thermometer chamber. Expanding the body of the mercury thermometer with a thin channel temperature rises. There are temperature indicators on the channel. Channel along begins 34'den, 42 are continued until the indicator figures. The distance between each figure is divided into 10 equal interval. Is called the range of 10 to each of diziyem.

Mercury thermometer that measures temperature rectally in the form of reservoir tube. Mercury thermometer to measure axillary temperature as the balloon chamber.

Mercury Thermometer, mercury in glass thermometer channel of the eye by making the task facing the surface of the magnifying glass to appear makes it easy to.Termometrenin fully protective of the chamber.

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