General State of Anxiety - Anxiety Scale

What is General Anxiety Tension Status? Anxiety Scale

General anxiety, sadness or incite any reason without the constant state of tension, most men fear of disease and health, money, family, work by pulling the experience of sadness because of the problems. General concern for the state, are constantly repeated and more severe symptoms of panic attacks should be.

As with panic attacks, general anxiety may not be easy to identify. Defines how and why, even if you may not be aware of these problems occurred.

General Anxiety Symptoms discomfort?

There are many symptoms of chronic anxiety. These are among the most rastlanılanları:

General susceptibility: Nervousness, irritability, feeling tense and in a panic. Too soon to expect a very large disaster to feel tired during the day to enter and cause insomnia.

Headache: Especially in the head, neck and back muscle tension headache or a particular region can lead to throb. Pain behind the head, in front of or may be at the top.

Flicker: whole body, especially arms and hands trembling and quaking.

Increasing the activity of autonomic system: the body's breathing, digestion, heart shock, involuntary functions such as "autonomic functions is called. These are independent functions carried out without any influence from the outside. Anxiety can increase the activity of the autonomic system and intense sweating (especially hands), can lead to flushing percent. Sometimes, tearing or dryness in the mouth can be intense.

Increased autonomic activity, the digestive system can cause discomfort. "Whirling butterflies in the stomach," an emotion that is felt very often. Other symptoms include a burning sensation in the chest or stomach, which usually come together in a feeling of burping, intestinal diseases and the increase in urine before.

It must be remembered that the general state of anxiety the healing process varies from person to person. Some people may improve short-term treatment, whereas others have difficulty returning to normal life. Chronic anxiety, especially in a successful and balanced business lives and personal lives of young adults are less problematic than the pass.

General Diagnostic Criteria illness worry, Anxiety Symptoms

Severe and sustained at least three symptoms of concern include the following four categories:

Nervousness: Vibration, shock, nervousness, muscle aches, fatigue, difficulty in relaxation, a tired face, irritability, and restless movements.

Overall the flicker, fast heart beat and palpitations, cold and wet hands, dry mouth, dizziness, tingling in hands and feet, frequent urination, indigestion, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, feeling of lump in the throat and dyspnea.

Gloomy expectations: Anxiety, long tumors, fear, lack of memory, expectation of harm me see.

Caution: Caution leads to the disintegration of much kindness, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, irritability, impatience and restlessness.
At least a month or more long-lasting feeling of restlessness.
Avoid any further discomfort, such as depression together.
These symptoms are seen in people over eighteen years of age.

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