AFT and Herpes Treatment

AFT and cold sores (mouth and lips Featured Wounds)

What Is Herpes, Herpes and AFT Disease Treatment

From your mouth, usually inside the lips and cheek mucosa of the tongue, although, under the tongue and palate in the middle of the white around the red sores called thrush. Herpes lip edge of the well-known by everyone, except under the nose of the familiar, such as a disease of the mouth.

Stress, irritating acidic foods, vitamin deficiencies, trauma (ie cheek, tongue, lip biting), his wounds, and some systemic diseases, ill-made prostheses (eg, Behcet's disease) make one susceptible play a major role in the formation. Still have not identified the exact cause. Patients, but it does not need more hurry. Was below compare the common cold or the flu, because most of the time in a treatment can be made ​​for the exact reason for known. Usually a week, within 10 days passes. What you can do, some drugs work in this process and perhaps spend a little less painful.
In particular drug is used at the beginning of the lesions, wounds can spend a period of growth and multiplication more easily, frequently removing unopened closet containing chlorine heksidin a mouth gargle (klorhex, kloroben, etc. superheks. May be) and keep anestol ointment. Noticed an immediate start to come out gargaraya Aft. Cleaning mouth gargle 3 times a day on the other hand to care. Brush your teeth regularly, but do not use toothpaste a few days. Because of certain substances in the paste were also caused by AFTA. Take advantage of the inside of the mouth-numbing ointments such as having a very painful anestol. The cream time of 10 minutes, such as numbness in a short time. Therefore, a pre-dinner cotton, ear bar (yet clear one ear) or a piece of finger at the region aftlı crawl. A minute later the pain does not attract the food you eat. Gargle with carbonated water can not get any. Meals in the hot, spicy, bitter, sour, acidic Make sure no.

But they are very numerous and very often for sure whether it is due to a systemic disease coming aft. One of the symptoms of some diseases such as Behcet's thrush. Aft, due to illness and do not mind if you are only prepared the ground for the progression of disease will wait to pass.

My suggestion is for herpes cold sore cream containing acyclovir stubble Separate your side. Bringing herpes symptoms, such as leaving the previous mild itching and redness would have the experience to understand. That is the period before or as soon as people begin to use the cream, a thin layer takes four hours apart, the sun stops away from the much more mild and soon get rid of herpes. Very frequent and severe herpes spend a lot of experts necessarily consult a physician and act in accordance with his recommendations. Even if passed will affect your brain in severe cases, herpes virus can cause dangerous diseases. In addition, herpes is a contagious condition, can be very dangerous in infants. In such times, kissing, touch, others, towel, careful not to use her lipstick.

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