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Infants Vitamins, Vitamins Importance for Baby

Vitamins are in need of a small amount of the body, but I can not do without him is one of very valuable materials. The importance of vitamins is increasing every day and re-new vitamins side with the scientists.

Almost all of the vitamins are taken from the outside. Nutrition and food offered and should be considered to this point should be selected according to him.
Be true of this election, in which vitamin which articles of food, what the amount is known that there occurs. Which vitamin deficiency is known to occur without delay treatment of symptoms like the way how to get there.

Most vitamins in foods to find what

Vitamin A

Vitamin A in butter, eggs, beef liver, milk and sardines Sea fish too, dates, apricots, oranges, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach are also to be less.

Vitamin B1

Lamb heart, lamb liver, lamb, corn, cabbage, egg yolk, rice, chick peas, leeks, pomegranate, lentils.

Vitamin B2

Milk, eggs, liver, kidney, beef heart, dry beans, green beans, lettuce, celery, carrots, bananas, lentils, and beer yeast.

Vitamin B6

More than dry peas, honey, grapefruit, strawberries, bananas, mutton, lamb, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, chicken meat and there are grapes.

Vitamin B12

Liver, kidney and milk are too. Failure occurs when anemia and nervous system disorders.

Vitamin E

There are plenty of green leafy vegetables. This is a disease of vitamin deficiency in humans also does not appear. Barrenness, premature children are used in vascular rigidity.

Vitamin K

Found in many foods. More importantly, they are also in the intestine. Astringent effect.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, which is extremely important for the child more citrus (lemon, orange, greyfurtfvb.), Tomatoes and some green leafy vegetables.

Deficiency leads to the disease, called skorbüt. Makes it is disrupted, and bleeding gums. In addition, the delayed closure of wounds of this vitamin deficiency, the bones are disorders.

Fed the normal way, ie, a mother's milk for the baby who ate fruits and vegetables, vitamin C is required. Also, children need vitamin C in fruit juices to give resolved.

Cow's milk-fed children in this situation a little more different. Vitamin C as cow's milk is less than normal, almost no vitamin C in boiled milk, this one does. Fruit juices and vitamin supplements given to children fed in this way, as already mentioned vitamin deficiency symptoms occur. So to avoid such a situation, not the mother's milk to children (3-week when) 50 mg a day. Vitamin C should be given. 50 mg of the child. 60 grams of vitamin C to take. orange juice (4 tbsp) is required to drink. This amount is almost 50 mg of grapefruit and lemon juice. Vitamin C has. Içirilen to ensure the child's need for vitamin C fruit juice to the baby should always alıştırarak.

The first day of fruit juice mixed with half a teaspoon of water is boiled. Every day, a teaspoon of measurement will be increased by reducing the amount of water in pure fruit juice and fruit juice will begin to be given.

Vitamin C in orange the best one to give the baby water. To provide the same amount of vitamin C should be given to 8 tablespoons of tomato juice. Peach, the vitamin C in apple juices are even less. Half a liter, but 50 mg. There. In other words, it is almost impossible for some water to the baby içirebilmek.

That should give fresh fruit juices as possible, in the decreased amount of vitamins. Between the two food prepared fresh fruit juice can.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital for your baby more articles of animal food (fish oil, liver, eggs, butter) are available. In addition, the skin under the rays of ultroviyole provitamin D to vitamin D. dials. Vitamin D is necessary for bones with the help of calcium absorbed from the intestine and from there the blood goes through the bones. Without enough vitamin D, calcium is reduced and the bones soften bones. This disease is called rickets. Therefore, a fast growing one month after the baby is absolutely must begin to give vitamin D. Premature infants is higher than the requirement for this vitamin. The best source of vitamin D balıkyağıdır. There are 35 units of vitamin D every gram of good balıkyağının.

Baby's daily need for vitamin D is between 400-600 units. 3 teaspoons a day is the amount necessary to give the child kadarr. Balıkyağını the baby slowly, should alıştırarak. Previously balıkyağını after each meal and it should give a drop of one drop every day, increasing up to 3 times a day raise a tea spoon.

It is not easy to make to drink cod-liver oil for children. Many people do not like balıkyağını the first days, when you receive most of spit into her mouth. Others include, but kusarlar behind. Most precisely, the fish oil-to consult your doctor before you start. Today, most pharmaceutical companies have prepared pure D vitamins. If your doctor can use one of them thinks appropriate.

Vitamin D needs vary according to seasons and places of residence. Plenty of people living in a sunny climate, the sun compared to those living with low vision where there is less vitamin D requirements. Plenty of summer sun-bathing a child who almost do not need to take vitamin D as well. Very little sun in a sunny place to place children who are the possibilities of developing bone disease so.

Generally, new-born children, 2 Starting a week until the age of A, B, C, D, vitamins you need to give birth to a polivitaminlerden one. Definitely the best way you can help your doctor about it.

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