Infants Physical Education

Infants of Physical Education, the baby's Training

The baby's muscles and bones, after 3 months to gain the power of nature begins. All gyms will do until the fourth, opened the usual six movements. Real sense, knowing that you will do your body in motion, but after months, the baby may begin after the fourth month. Gymnastic movements and accelerates blood flow to every corner of the body allows more blood to go to, is more smooth muscle and bone development, strengthen the respiratory, digestive easier, streamline enters the bowel movements, appetite opens. As a result, the child alive and healthy looks.

These movements should be done when?

Physical education is appropriate before the time of breast and bathroom. For instance, between the hours of 9:30 to 10:00.

These movements should be done where?

Ventilated, clean and great on a table in a room needs to be done. The room temperature should not be under 20 degrees. A thick blanket on a table with a clean cloth and laid him on the.

These movements should be made ​​for how long?

Originally built in 1 -2 minutes, until the body movements increased slightly over time can be up to 5 minutes. Furthermore, as the baby out with the necessary gymnastics are the following:
The baby's mother should undergo physiotherapy.

Thus, the baby would be closer to each other more, as well as anyone that the child understands the language is the best in gymnastics again, the best responses during the show that evaluates the minor.
Should be made ​​as a naked baby gymnastics.
Taking into account the air temperature if possible, windows should be left open (to come directly to breeze through to the child).

Physical education is used to make small, one day, and unwilling to occur huysuzlanır gym that day made ​​more accurate.

Fire on the sick child yaptırılmaz gymnastics.
If your child will check from time to time, muscles thickens, you'll notice kuvvetlendiğini. These children walk in time, will be healthy and often ill.

Making some minor gymnastics body movements might not like puppies. Do not stand on it more. Try repeating the exercise every day. Avoid being too hard when making movements. Conversely, if the children's hot, after each movement, the sweat dried in a cheesecloth. Movements should be made ​​after the end of a light massage. Massage hand of the child's body 'strokes' dolaşmasıdır like.

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