Measurable Heat Places

Measuring oral Heat

Children, babies and Measurement of Heat Control
By mouth (orally) temperature measurement is done under the tongue. Some mercury thermometer under the tongue so that it is placed in the mouth. Waiting for the thermometer under the tongue for 3-4 minutes.
Lips are kept closed and the thermometer in the mouth. Teeth are definitely tightened.
Temperature measurement in the mouth, skin diseases, skin infections, childbirth and gynecological diseases, rectal bleeding, rectal surgery is preferred.
Psychiatric disorders, shock and coma in children after operations for oral infections and oral temperature measurements made ​​inside the mouth.

Measurement of rectal fever of the way (Body Temperature)

Vazelinlenir part of the thermometer mercury. Mercury is inserted into the anus of 3-4 cm section. Children need to put about 2-3 cm.
Thermometer should be used with fuzzy unconscious patients and children.
Prone position during rectal temperature measurement is preferred. Children removed from the legs up by hand. Anüsüne thermometer inserted into the child in this position.

The thermometer in the rectum in children waiting for 3 minutes. Removed, erased and read. Grade paper is processed.
Rectal temperature measurement, the digestive tract infections, diarrhea, bleeding rectum and rectum is surgery.
Psychiatric patients, especially children with skin diseases, oral and rectal surgery in patients unconscious way is preferred. Rectal temperature, 5-6 di-ziyem higher.

Seat Measurement Under Heat

Underarm, body temperature is the most widely used measure.
Unless very special circumstances and conditions armpit (axillary) is preferred.
Seat under the heat of the tools and supplies are needed to measure.
• Treatment in the tray with antiseptic solution in the jar and thermometers,
• Cover the bathtub or in a jar with alcohol soaked cotton pads,
• paper bag for dirty buffer,
• Red and blue pens,
• Grade book and eraser.

Heat (Heat) Measurement Techniques

• The above equipments are put in the tray on the shelf next to the patient.
• Antiseptic thermometer is taken from inside. Clean with a buffer will be deleted.
• Mercury-end at the level of the shoulder down to stay below 35 ° C, reduced the degree of silkile rek.
Channel of the mercury fell to 35 ° C • Temperature is controlled not drop.
• dried with gauze under the patient's seats and will be deleted.
• mercury thermometer under the seat portion is placed between two skin layers. Arm approximated to the body. The upper abdominal region of the front arm and wrist position so that the patient is given.
• 8-10 minutes.
• Temperature is taken from under the patient's seats.
• Mercury with alcohol to the buffer will be deleted.
• Eye level with the stored and read. Results are written very book.
• After reading, reduced mercury-free. Wiping with antiseptic solution in the jar is placed into the buffer again alcoholic.
• Patient observation form, the body temperature is processed.
• Temperature measurement is an important difference occurs as a result, the patient's temperature is measured again.

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