Weaning babies

Cutting your baby milk, infant milk Cutting

9-12 months baby's milk is suitable for cutting. Many mothers never breast did not give their children, came two years old, although some children still continue to give breast. We mentioned earlier the main benefits of milk but the 2-year-old mother's milk to a child just is not enough it should be stated. The child should be gradually cut from the breast. Normally the additional food would be resolved by passing the job itself. 3. Another addition to the food given each month from the month, he öğündeki breast is removed. Gradually removing the child from the breast has a great significance for the mother. Discontinuation of breast milk in the milk flow yavaşlatıldığı this method can be ensured easily.

Whether breastfeeding is difficult and tough situations

For the child reasons:

Some children-for instance, early breast ememezler intuition-at birth. Their brains more developed in the center of the suction. This situation is only due to the child's childhood, the brain, the center will develop in the next few days and the baby will start to suck the breast. Accumulated in the meantime, the mother's breast milk should be drawn continuously. If you withdraw from the breast milk collected within a few days back in the breast milk and your baby begins to suck the breast absorb day can not find anything.

If the child «hare lip» If you have called the disease:

This is innate, is an anomaly in the development of disorder. Lip and palate in a child sometimes yarıktır. Such children ememez breast. Also, in case of the sniffles, even if the child's stuffy nose can not breath through the nose for the baby to her lips and breasts full ememez yapışamaz. Absorption is poor, children quickly tired, weak and difficult, especially for newborn babies to the breast should rest rest-dire.

Maternal causes:

Of the nipple to be buried: in this case with the pump nozzles sağılmalıdır. Stress and prevents the evacuation of more than breast, both breasts can end. Nipple is too big or smaller than the child still will have difficulty absorbing. In both cases, run with the nipple to give the child. They then breast sağılıp least, the spoon or bottle of milk should be given to the child.

Cracks in the nipple and breast inflammation also be applied to the titles.

Of milk, the Only

Mother's milk does not come without a lot of operating on 24 hour starts to complain. Some of them maybe just to be fed with formula or perhaps the lack of milk for fear of her child doyuramaya-deliberately or complain. However, whether a mother's milk at the earliest 8-10. days can be decided. Breast milk may be less than before, then it multiplies.

Breast beauty

In general, pregnancy and confinement, well-known outside of the rules of the beauty of the body, the following points should be given importance.

Make your skin cream slowly to avoid cracking your chest massage. In addition, the doctor has given the ends of the chest Apply pomade. Provide periodic emptying your breasts. Do not forget sarkacağını very full breasts. Make sure your bra, your body should be sitting good. Apart from these open-air rallies, postpartum gymnastics, shower and regular sleep will give you too many things.

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