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What Is Asthma Disease, one of every 26 people arrested, a fairly common disorder. Affecting the lungs make it difficult to take breath. Usually seen in the form of intermittent crises. Crises, and sometimes come as a sudden, as soon as possible pass. But the problem sometimes, days, weeks or even months to complete. In some cases, asthma can be seen in certain places or at particular times of the year. Sadness or excitement caused by the stresses, can cause asthma.

Allergies, strange effects on the human body, the following will be discussed in detail. These effects are sufficient to obtain information first, doctors thought that asthma is caused by anxiety or stress. The disease is often, which means inflammation of the bronchi in the lungs also karıştırılıyordu bronchitis. We do not know about asthma, there is a lot more. Today, however, doctors of asthma, there are several reasons for the psychological and physical reasons and in different shapes and sizes that are effective for each patient determined.

The crisis of asthma, breathing tubes narrow tube that connects the lungs. These tubes, there are hundreds of each lung. Bronchial elders, small ones are called bronchitis. The walls of the tubes, the muscles that are opened and closure. When the air tubes, the tubes through the tiny air sacs called the alveoli lungs dollars. There are millions of such air crosses each lung. Air, the sacs into the blood through the thin walls. Fresh air into the blood interfered in the blood, the carbon dioxide accumulated during blood circulation, the air sacs to be thrown out through the windpipe doluşur.

Asthma, bronchitis tubes in a crisis, narrows, preventing the patient's breath to give. This is taken out of the lungs make it difficult for the accumulated carbon dioxide. Shortness of breath in asthmatics, is nothing but an attempt to throw out the dirty air. The tubes at the same time the accumulation of excessive mucus, further worsening the causes of the problem. Ordinary times, dust and other foreign substances entering the respiratory tract helps mucus thrown out of the tubes, causing further obstruction.

Cause the airways narrow tubes? All muscles, such as opening and closing of the tubes allowing the muscles, these muscles are chemicals secreted by nerve endings in the checks. Internal muscles, nervous system controls the two branches: the sympathetic nerves of the body to slow down and be still preparing the body to mobilize the parasympathetic nerves. Its task is to prepare the body action of adrenaline, gets more air into the lungs to open airways. On the other hand, the parasympathetic nerves, the heart rate to slow down and causing narrowing of the airways secrete a substance called acetylcholine.

One of the reasons contraction bronchitis, acetyl choline, the effect on the muscles in the airways. However, the secretion of mucus is known to cause respiratory yolarının narrow and there is another natural substance. This substance called histamine, insect pins, and are bitten by an insect causes to swell as everyone knows.

Inflatable, protects the delicate tissues. Despite the unpleasant part of the healing process goes. Damaged area by providing the opening of the capillary veins and fluid from the blood by pulling the delicate tissues to swell, causing histamine.

Against foreign substances into the suffering asthma in people who do not show the same reaction to try to take these substances out through coughing. Asthmatic patients therefore attract more difficulty, due to the fact that some substances are hypersensitive. In other words, asthma, allergic.
Bronchitis often confused because of similarity of the symptoms of asthma, allergy, but causes swelling of the airways. Swelling due to inflammation, smoking, swallowing dust or air pollution can be. Damp and cold, bronchitis exacerbation leads to more. People, in the winter months are more prone to respiratory tract infections to grab. Acute bronchitis, if the spread of a virus infection in the lungs, chronic bronchitis, the bronchi ill for a long time, seeing the damage occurs as a result of the narrowing.

Asthma attacks, can be seen any time of year: However, many asthmatics, cold and humid weather, less hot and dry weather worsens rahatsızlanırlar. More abundant in the air in the spring and summer, the young asthmatics allergic to pollen, this is especially true. The elderly, as well as asthma and bronchitis at the same time they are both very common condition.

Elderly asthmatics noses sometimes consists of a small meat moles. These moles, called polyps, swelling of the membranes of the nose consists of a thin inner surface of the surrounding sensitive. They are caused by a decrease in the ability to smell and breathe through the nose despite the constraints of generally harmless. Operation can be taken easily.

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