Microbial dental plaque

Microbial dental plaque

Dental caries, bad breath, bleeding gums and tooth loss, etc. early. think of issues such as criminal, such as your grandfather's grandfather (ie, genetic), not of germs and dentists, "Microbial Dental Plaque," said thing.

Slippery surface of the teeth that tooth, immediately after brushing, there is a layer of physiological adhesive saliva tooth. This is the top layer of your teeth when you hover your language slipperiness felt. Food residues and microbes through this layer clings to the teeth. This is not harmful to guests at the beginning, tutunmaları also normal. But like everywhere else in our body are germs in our mouth. Food tailing especially fond of each other carbohydrates microbes and germs just fused together to form plaque. Record of the microbes begin to multiply rapidly. Within 24 hours you will be disease-causing harmful waste products to produce tooth not remove gumz have access to level. This "maturation of plaque is called.

They reproduce constantly multiplying and maturing plaque on tooth germs of millions are enjoying. These microbes also produce waste materials because of its harmful effects on teeth and meats, cause tooth decay and gum disease.

This spoiled, birth control, a news mikroplarınızı, they reach sufficient numbers, the opportunity to produce the waste material can not make it, you need to zoom out on the teeth at regular intervals. First I must say that the water or get rid of them gargaralarla because yapışkandırlar. Water and mouthwash, but something like plağınızı washes. Environment in the waste material and reduces the acid level maybe 3-5 minutes. Gargles mikrobunuzdan 2 trillion in 1000 one kills. So, what do we do then? The plaque by brushing with a soft toothbrush, dişimizin out, over.

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