Neck pain and rheumatism Bursitis

Neck pain

Consistently been the most common cause of neck and a painful, vertebrae and discs between the neck vertebrae from aşınıp yıpranmasından 'cervical spondylosis' stop. Was the backbone of the neck at the top of the twenty-four seven spine vertebrae (neck vertebrae) are available. Between each pair of vertebrae, acting as a shock absorber has a cartilage disc: These disks are called from vertebrae. Each disk is surrounded by a solid jelly-like layers of fiber consists of a hub.

If the vertebrae from disc wear and küçülürse, separate vertebrae, and vertebrae to protect themselves can not develop bone protrusions. These projections also connects to the spinal cord nerves, the roots of prints. It also spread to the arm, neck and shoulders can cause sudden pain. Tingling and numbness in the fingers may also occur.

Of course, there are other causes neck pain: neck injury in traffic accidents, bad posture, or a ceiling painting of the neck muscles, such as over-demanding work. Headaches caused by tension in the neck muscles may be due to over-stretched.


Arthritis and Rheumatism Council, UK at low back pain every year approximately two million people went to doctor and he says the economy is about thirty million working days lost. Most low back pain and spinal muscle tension ties, or, due to rupture.

We know only a small fraction of cases are caused by shifting of the disc. The discomfort of the disc surrounding the fiber core of the weakening of the soft belly bulge and disc to a nerve root pressure by making the event occurs. 'Disc hernia' or 'herniated disc' also known as.

Due to degeneration of the spinal vertebrae can also tear aşınıp prints by stopping the nerve roots and sciatic nerve pain that is causing a large bone that extends up through the leg produces pods. This is one of the causes of the sciatic discomfort.

Shoulder pain

That supports the most common cause of shoulder pain in the joint tissues, inflammation of the muscles and tendons. This excessive use, or getting hurt, caused. Another reason was that the joint capsule (joint direct and protect the surrounding tissue) inflammation. Common 'frozen shoulder' is known as, because, depending on the pain and keep the movement difficult. Pain and swelling, the arm can spread up to handle.


Next to each joint, one or more bursa (sac) is located. There are seventy-eight times on each side of the body. Some are very small, while others will be as great as 75 mm in diameter. The surrounding muscles and tendons of a joint Bursalar served as a cushion between the tiny sacs of tissue. Excessive rubbing their rough, painful, inflamed and filled with fluid makes it to do so is called bursitis, healing in the weeks up to one year, this period may be extended, such as a-labileceği, but 'self-limiting' the so-called, that is, a condition that resolves itself over time.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This condition, the tendons in the arm reaches the address of a tunnel (carpal tunnel) occurs in the wrist. The inner walls of the tunnel becomes inflamed and swells, and tendons, as well bursalarda carpal tunnel prints last nerves. If the swelling increases, the index finger, middle finger and ring finger corresponds to the longitudinal arm and the pain may spread. The pain intensified, especially at night. This overuse syndrome, or getting hurt, and often result from a small operation to remove pressure on nerves is required.

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