Common Anxiety Disorder

How common is worry?

Been reported not worry too much because of neglect is a problem. Issue of concern is difficult to predict how many people live in, because many people resort to a doctor because of concern, people are usually only "mental illness", which people think that they needed a psychiatrist. Problem of concern in the United States is estimated to be 5% of the people.

The concern in the body, the result of a psychological process.
The concern is related to fear, but fear is not the same.
Warns against the danger-as-you içgücü concern is the danger, and you may lose more control.
Fear is a reaction against a situation that could really hurt. Fear is usually short in duration. Anxiety takes a long time.
In fact, because of fear or anxiety due to reaksiyonunuzun is difficult to determine.
Anxiety and fear are at different rates in all conditions.
Find the causes of the symptoms, understanding that it is more important than fear or concern.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is common among women than men. Some studies have shown that anxiety may come in the family.

The number of people living with the pressures of modern life, the problem of concern is increasing dangerously. However, some experts say is not evidence of no clear evidence of increased anxiety. According to them, increasing awareness and desire to live full lives, cause more people to request help for worry. The important thing is not increased anxiety has improved, more productive and meaningful life with concern for sürebilmek how you will cope. Get under control and prevent anxiety, also show how to deal with problems.
The concern usually is mixed with fear.

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