Causes of Asthma and Bronchitis Disease

Source and characteristics of asthma, until this century, the most important reason for good anlaşılmamasının, creating crises of substances so small that they are invisible to the eye. Pollen, these substances, the most widely known instance of the form. In some asthmatics, the toilet not see how tiny insects can develop crisis or bedrooms. Asthmatic, cat, dog, domestic animals such as bird feathers or hair nested because they are allergic to substances, not feed the animal at home. Mold or fungi into the air saldıkları tiny sports, can cause problems for asthmatics. Some asthmatics old, damp homes to spend the crisis, this can be explained.

In some asthmatics, fish, milk, eggs, or foods such as participating in food, such as tartrazine yellow dye or sulfur dioxide are allergic to additives such as type of preservative. When a food smell that millions of food molecule enters burnumuzdan. Asthmatic, allergic to foods they are allergic to or foods containing additives, or when they eat kokladıkları crisis can pass.

Asthmatics, for example, wet paint, exhaust, or caused by cigarette smoke are more susceptible to irritating odors. Drugs, especially penicillin, aspirin, vaccines and drugs, even medications, can cause asthma attacks. Some patients are allergic, the drug combination that contains an unnecessary article of yellow paint, we have recently changed. Drug, giving patients with damage to heal.
Cause allergic reactions in the respiratory tract, causing asthma attacks, as well as items that no one understands precisely, there are other substances that cause crises. These include changes in air temperature, strenuous physical exercise and emotional upheaval, including ones are nice like to laugh.

They know that they are allergic asthmatics avoiding food and other materials substantially protect themselves. Crises caused by physical exercises, 10-30 minutes before exercise as preventive therapy in general, high visual and physical condition of holding, even if completely giderilemese, can be reduced. Self-help methods, the following will be explained in detail.

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