Oral and Dental Health

Oral Health and Dental Health

Adults and children's dental health
Oral and dental health, pathogenic microorganisms, cold, hot, hard physical factors such as the most affected organs. Development of the fetus, the mother's nutrition during pregnancy is closely related. Oral and dental health, so it starts before birth. Continues after birth. Care and treatment of life-long monitoring is done.

How to Protect Oral Health and Dental Health Information

Teeth health nutrition, especially of D - C and A vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, fluorine, such as minerals are provided with adequate and balanced manner taking.

Maintenance-free and carious teeth, the most dangerous source of infection. Advanced ages, resulting in heart and vascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, kidney diseases and other causes of some diseases spread through blood to the body and then placed in tooth decay pathogen . Teeth, oral health infects. Diseases of the digestive system and can cause mouth odor. Adversely affect human physical appearance.

The teeth after every meal and before bed at least twice a day, brushed a sufficient period of time. Toothpaste and brush your teeth and gums rather than the choice unconsciously choose the health damage. It should be noted that the structure of each kind of toothbrush brushing technique is not suitable. Greater use of toothpaste, mouth flora in terms of corrupt and dangerous to kill phagocytes in the mouth.

Too hot, too cold, hard foods and drinks can cause tooth enamel to crack. Violation crystal sugar and some other things also cause teeth to crack. Teeth after sugary foods cause tooth decay brush respiration C02 acids and carbohydrates are released. Acids form the tooth cavities. Oral pH, acid environment, the right track. Oral, flora is disrupted, the mouth is not enough phagocytes.

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