Young Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Although not as something the children can develop arthritis as adults. England (and perhaps all over the world), one of every thousand children affected by arthritis is usually between one and four years of age.
There are three different form of arthritis are young.

Posi-articular arthritis. The most common of this type begins with two or three years old, lasts for years, and only a few joint şişip ağrımasına causes. Children usually do not feel bad himself, but the eye problems may be wise to make regular checks.

Polyarthritis. Since a few months old can begin at any age, from a large number of joint effects, and usually one joint can spread quickly. Polyarthritis patients with high fever and a child is usually uncomfortable, but also the skin rash is.

Style disease. The name of the famous Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London, 'in trying to describe this disease, Dr. George Frederick Still'den ratings. Usually affects children under five years of age with fever, rash, joint pain, swollen glands, anemia and other causes complications.

Children usually grow up to a few years later, less damage to joints in arthritis freed and continue their normal lives perfectly. However, during disease lead a normal life at the school are in need of help to carry on and be with their friends. Exercise, especially swimming is much benefit.

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