Ice Bag Cold Application

Applications Cold, Cold Effect

Cold application is usually applied locally. Cold, in general, are also part of the body. Cold application, reduce the heat applied to benefit the region.

Cold application, is intended to take advantage of the effects of cold physics.
In general, lowering the body temperature of a cold, but it is possible with the application (for example, the cold bath, etc.).

Cold applied in the region of capillary blood vessels narrow (Vaso-construction). Temperature falls in the region, blood flow is reduced. If you have bleeding in the brain to prevent or reduce bleeding after head trauma, in order to prevent the spread of the ice bag is applied to deal with.

Cold slows down the metabolism practice. Tissue cells reduces the need for oxygen.

Capillary bleeding under the skin with cold application of trauma is reduced. Lymph leakage is prevented. Swelling stops. Pain is reduced. Cold has analgesic effects.

Prevented the explosion and the spread of localized abscesses. Appendicitis with abscess cold application can be brought under control.

Ice pack

Ice bag (pouch), round mouth sealed closed with a rubber bag cover. Ice bag, is applied directly onto the skin with hair. The lower surface of the bag is flat and circular. This structure provides ease of application.

Ice Bag Application

• ice bag 2 / 3 'ΓΌ filled with ice cubes.
• Table top or placed on a flat surface is removed from the air.
• mouth sealed with the lid closed.
• the effect of the bag with the outer part of the ice cap will be deleted and into moist.
• base of the bag is flat, is placed in the proposed area.
Ice bag applied to the patient is kept under observation. Observation form is processed. Implementation period, the bag is 25-30 minutes. Ice batteries also can be used for the same purpose.

Ice bag Care

After applying ice bags in the ice and water is drained. Non-dried. Case removed. Case is dirty to clean (head injury with contaminated blood). To remain in the mouth of the air bag is turned off. Removed to be used again instead.

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