What is Rheumatic Polimiyalji

This rheumatic disease affects elderly people and at least as common in gout. Sixty-five of every hundred people over the age of the capture of one of the possible, although this disease, also may occur from the age of fifty.

The disease often begins suddenly, the patient himself feels different from normal, neck, back, shoulders and butlarda is pain. Especially in the morning after the eclipse of bed rest and further increases would be as bad as getting up difficult. Shoulders are kept so that patients drink a cup of tea, or, his arms lifted their hands in their mouths to swallow the pills have difficulty in moving large.

Polimiyalji patients with rheumatic and fatigue naturally feel depressed and realize that advancing age, but this disease usually responds to a large extent a drug called prednisolone and the patient pain relief and reduction of the eclipse itself twenty years younger, feels great.

The reason why sometimes the eye and the brain polimiyaljinin Rheumatic and blocking arteries and stroke lead to blindness and serious-├žabilen artery disease is not known to occur with temporal arteritis. Here, too, though his drug prednisolone can prevent this complication.

Rheumatic polimiyalji generally, take two to three years after the disappearance of spontaneous relax kavu┼čturur victims.

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