Motivations Baby Bath

Baby Bath Yaptırılır How? Full bathroom, but after the fall of the hub can be made. Yet many do not rush for it. Probably would be a good measure of the wound to dry thoroughly Göbekteki wait. The first bath or half bath to remove the baby is only possible to do very well. Bathrooms baby's development, increase in appetite, sleep, due to the benefits of such improvement, the purpose of cleaning is even more important. Unless there is a big obstacle to healthy children should bath every day. Bath formula is always done before. Baby's bath time for the formulas of the day before the second, 10 hours or less water. This time you are eligible for the bathroom in time to accept it. Over time, this time he'll catch the baby, or even wait. Immediately after the baby must keep on open-air bath. If you are forced to go to the bathroom a place that time of day, again on condition that you can make changes to the breast before.

Baby Bath Water, Baby Bath Water Temperature Measurement

Preparation of the necessary material for the bathroom: two to the head and body, these are very soft sponge can be cheesecloth-.-, one large, the other a small child and a soft towel, baby soap.

Until the child can enter the water filled tub. The water temperature, body temperature should be. Thermometer so we can control-like-that is the correct way, putting your elbow into the water also can understand. The room temperature should be around 20 degrees. Baby room, stripped, and chill immediately brought to the bathroom. Pay particular attention to these destinations: the naked child in the water like a fish can escape from your hand, hold on tight until it hurt nor hurt, nor to blow loose from your hand. Just do not run on the soap away. Wait a little, play with her, but her bathroom fun practicing this way. During washing her hands always, keep your head under the shoulder and head into the water, and cm. Water must be very careful about not running away in your ear. Move the child's body, such as soap and cloth in your hand strokes. Particularly volatile places, apışaralarını wipe. Turn the baby prone to this job finished, get the left hand grasped the child's chest. Similarly, after deleting the soapy cloth back to the beginning of the move. (1-2 times per week is enough to delete.) Then with the same temperature of water discharged from the child's body soaps, wrapped in towel drying immediately stiff movements should be avoided. Because the skin is damaged faster. The neck, the seat-bottom and thoroughly dry the apışaralarının required. If there is a possibility moist rash. Powder lightly sprinkled and spread thoroughly. Some powders may make allergies in children, then tried another type of powder. All these things should be done quickly and the child üşütülmemelidir. Especially small children stay in the bathroom must be previously and this time gradually be extended up to 1-2 minutes. Usually stay in the bathroom should not exceed 10 minutes. After bathing in the nose and ears cleaned. Matches a toothpick or the tip of his nose clean with cotton wrap. If you want to use cleaning materials specially prepared for this job. The bathroom is easily softened dirt. If the child is extreme moodiness, and makes it downright infuriating to play until the nose is not necessary. As to his ear, but you can clean the outer ear so the ear scoop. Do not put anything into the ear in no time, in this regard to further use a cleaning method.

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