What is agoraphobia and Diagnosis

What is Agoraphobia?

Especially during a panic attack without assistance from the fear of being disgraced or referred to as agoraphobia. People with agoraphobia, fear of being away from home as a safe place, there are two types of fears that the special conditions of fear and fear of fear itself. The anticipation and fear of panic attacks leads to the emergence of more such situations. This increases the frequency of attacks, fears begin to behave in a way proving the accuracy. At this stage, the house alone to go back or you could just start to feel intimidated to go the distance. In other words, agoraphobia, or increase the intensity of fear becomes a vicious circle.

Agoraphobia ten times more common among women than men. This is perhaps due to the fact that women more likely to become anxious and dependent. Women are much more than the thought of their childhood savunamayacakları themselves are taken under protection. Generally, special skills, can not get the chance to develop skills, confidence in themselves can not form.

Agorafobi'nin What are the symptoms?

Agoraphobia has three basic and an allied symptom. Key features:
1. Fear of moving away from the atmosphere of the house known;
2. Symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks after a strong away from home occurs when a sense of feeling helpless, and
3. The crowd and off the place, the tunnel may be limited to get help or have any fear of being in a place.
Coupled properties;
Pleading, demanding, childish behavior and
Obsessive tendency to act.

Diagnostic Criteria for agoraphobia, Agoraphobia Treatment

Open society, it may escape or get help only from the fear of power. They are crowded, tunnels, bridges, places such as public transport.
A strong desire to be in similar circumstances to avoid as above.
This intense desire to maintain a normal life becomes difficult.

The normal side effects of drugs or other abnormal symptoms, such as health conditions are not.

There is another mental disorder.

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