Causes of Dental Care

Oral Health, Dental and Oral Health Factors that Nullify Causes

Digestive system diseases, rotten teeth, gum disease, inflammation of the tonsils, some respiratory system diseases, infectious diseases, oral health can distort. More disturbing to provide oral health oral health first must eliminate the cause. That is a cause of dental caries yaptırılmalı clean fill, why is reported as a disease, treatment should be made ​​to be.

Oral health is primarily the most important factor in healthy teeth. Dental health of milk and milk products, fruit and vegetables, fed a balanced, the body needs calcium, phosphorus, minerals, A, D, vitamin C should be enough.
Sweet foods, then rinse the mouth, mouth to increase in the acid environment of coke, drinks such as soda pop should be avoided. Carrot, apple, quince necessary for dental health is to eat foods such as biting, but the walnuts, hazelnuts, such as eating food that is harmful to teeth breaking. Dental toothpick in between teeth yarn is not cleaned after every meal, before going to bed in the morning and brushed teeth.

Tooth decay,

Our teeth as milk teeth and permanent teeth can be examined in two groups.

Milk teeth 8 cutter, 4 canines and 8 molar consists of a total of 20 teeth. The formation of the teeth while the baby in the womb (fetal life) 15 and 17 maturation begins between weeks, approximately 36 months after the birth is completed. Baby teeth usually come in 6-9 starts and ends 2 years old. Towards the end of 6 years starting from the bottom teeth, milk teeth are sharp drops. Decrease in milk teeth is completed around 12 years of age.

During eruption, sleep, appetite disturbances, fever and diarrhea constantly finding the real cause of these disorders should be investigated.

Permanent Teeth. 8 blades, 4 canines, 8 the first molars, second molars, with a total of 22 teeth is complete. Permanent teeth start to come out 6-7 years and 12-14 years of age is completed. 17-22 years old 20 years she called the third molars can be seen in some cases also.
Dental caries and lactic acids dissolve tooth enamel as a result of the deterioration of tooth integrity.

Factors affecting tooth decay

Nutrients necessary for the development of bacteria,
Tooth surface condition

The most important collection of lactobacilli and streptococcus bacteria. Blood cells, bacteria, food debris, dead cells are also added to create an environment unsuitable. As a result of the enzymatic effects of bacteria on carbohydrate foods that consist of acids. Acids then dissolve tooth enamel and cavities called inorganic substances initiates tooth decays.

Feeding tooth decay, racial and sociological factors play a role. Particular emphasis on the importance of the prevention of tooth decay. Ideally should be between 0.1 to 1 per million of fluoride concentration in drinking water. This is where the missing amount, 3, 7,10,13 children between the ages of dental fluoride additions can be made ​​with the recommendations of doctors. The amount of fluoride in drinking water by 4 percent per million in the tooth enamel can be seen in yellow status.

Teeth cleaned by dental caries in the early period and is filling the carious tooth, scroll to the root is reached. Affected by dental pain as the nerves started when the show itself. Dental caries cavity formed by the so-called holes contain continuous microbial community. Micro-organisms through the blood of infected people, and sometimes that can lead to various diseases.

Heart disease
Kidney diseases
Articular rheumatism
Digestive system diseases
Mouth odors
Eye diseases
Create allergic diseases.

Periods of growth and development of calcium, phosphorus and flordan inadequate food nutrition, tooth decay easier. Roll in sugar and starchy foods consumption, made ​​of dental caries causes teeth cleaning. Frequent pregnancies, spent a high fever in infancy, the use of the wrong drug, reduces body resistance events, provide the teeth decay more easily.

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