Pregnancy Breast Care Breast Nipple cracks

Pregnancy Breast Care, Breast Care During Pregnancy

Parents should wash their hands with soap before you start to breast. The most important cause of breast wounds and inflammation, due to clean it up özenilmemesidir. Nipple, boiled water into a glass of water or a teaspoon of liquid was prepared to delete and then the child should be given to the disposal of carbonate. Breastfeeding is the job finished, re-tip wiped clean soft cloth should be closed by applying a cream on the doctor's. Irileşen breast milk accumulation of bras hang prepared for the use of special beneficial.

A child to wear a breast-feeding mothers should be to facilitate the work of making the breast. Especially selected to open the front nightshirts.

Nipple cracks, Breast Nipple Rift

Thin skin of the first weeks of breastfeeding, gentle mothers with early breast can be seen in the cracks. Breastfeeding can bring a state of torture until the pain makes it cracks, or kökündedir at the top of the nipple. As we said before, next to cleaning to prevent the formation of these cracks, there are other measures. For instance, children play the head of your breast, bite or chew it. To prevent this, the breast of the child's mouth would be appropriate to give out after a minute or two.

Do not attempt to remove the child's mouth forced out the nozzle. The child's mouth for a little push. In this way, the baby's mouth air of dollars and leaves the nipple itself. If you pull your child's mouth, which forced breast nipple cracks at the beginning of duplicates. As mentioned earlier, too much time to continue breastfeeding plays a role in the formation of cracks in the breast.

Breast improving the crack as soon as possible, provided that the breast dinlendirilmesiyle. Or pump breast milk during treatment sağılır and the child is the child's absorption is provided by applying or artificial nipples. Breast size and depth of crack emzirilemez 2-5 days according to the child. In the meantime, the doctor used to recommend an appropriate cream can be helpful. After you correct the first time nipple child should be breastfed up to 6-8 minutes maximum.

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