Allergey identification and avoidance of allergeny

Allergies Protection Methods

Allergic skin and RAST tests will asthma doctor, will be very useful for determining the cause of the problem. But even during the patient's diagnosis, he can do many things in order to determine allergens are bothering. Standard tests are not included, but there are still many substances may be allergenic. In order to test every substance known to cause asthma may Doctors surgeries. The very long list of these substances, each day a little more prolonged.

Even some of the allergens skin tests in asthmatic patients may be allergic to other substances continue to be wary of. Of course, no one faced by all the lives of thousands of daily life in the fear they could be allergenic substance does not want to spend. But there are some areas still need to be careful.

Relationship Between Asthma and Nutrition

The most complex source of allergens, foods. At the same time we eat different foods to which substances in food allergen to determine that they are, it can be difficult. The doctor, skin tests, and then you start to change the course of asthma crises in order to determine whether the patient, may suggest to try to make changes in nutrition .

Some doctors, patients with prolonged fasting by inserting up to five gone before, seek to eliminate all traces of the body, food is defeated. Later, the patient, with a very low probability of being allergenic foods containing a tight regime. Such a strict regime, for example, lamb, pears and bottled water may occur. Patients up to two weeks after you apply this regime, one by one, try another food that is recommended. After losing one of the foods tested allergic reaction occurs, it is suspected that food allergens will arise.

Very boring and strict regimes and also to comply with these regimes, is difficult. Therefore, asthmatics, generally avoiding eating foods known to be allergenic, easier to implement a regime. Among these foods, milk, eggs, fish, citrus fruits and fermented foods are. Their own food in restaurants or dining halls, especially the food yourself, and if you are connected, it may be difficult to avoid these foods completely. For example, milk, plain or avoid drinking coffee together, is not enough. Milk, one of the basic commodities used by each and every kind of cook are foods. For example, butter and cheese, made ​​from milk, cookies, cakes, sauces and soups is made ​​of milk, chocolate milk, such as packaged foods have. Bread, cheese, wine and yeast in a large number of food are available. Eggs also, a substance found in many things we eat.

Where is the person who is allergic to one of these foods would have to be very careful what you eating. The best solution, the patient his / her own food ready. For this purpose, fresh, and the patient is not allergic to the use of known substances, will be very useful. When patients go to others to eat, pre-warn landlords about what you are allergic. In this way, the presentation of custard or puree milk from home to attend after dinner can be prevented. Restaurants and mess halls kinds of problems can occur. Waiters offer food, despite what customers includes often nameless, ordered dairy products, eggs or any other substance does not contain an assurance that give easily. In doing so, the patient often, eating does not know what is expected a sicken. Therefore, asthmatics, and if necessary, to indicate the problem is a serious need.

Today, preserved, colored, chemical food additives protected against deterioration, are widely sold. These substances can be harmless in healthy people when a small amount. However, textured allergic individuals may react to these foods, even if less. The main ingredients are as follows: "sulfur dioxide" and "benzoic acid" preservatives called "tartrazine called" yellow food dye. Sulphur dioxide and benzoic acid is used very widely, and almost all packaged or bottled food, that contain preservatives. There are many of the sulfur dioxide in wines. Some asthmatics are allergic to alcohol is the reason why . With asthma, the protective substance in response to the show is not really alcohol. Tartrazine is also very commonly used. A British specialist in asthma, one of every 10 patients, the essence of orange after drinking water crisis set to have spent. The patients not oranges, orange juice, extracts prepared from dust-related subjects allergic to paint.

Some food manufacturers, food packages, upon which food items they put a label stating that participated. In some countries, it is by law. However, producers in some countries such as Britain, on food packages only "allowed" putting a letter stating they put additives are required. In this case, asthmatics, or not to eat or not eat packaged foods, which is harmful to face the option of learning through experiment. Some manufacturers, they produce the food they bring food or chemical combination of elements, pre-announce replacements, further exacerbation of the problem is caused.

Put into food or food additives may be difficult to determine how many people are allergic. 10 years ago, the doctors, they think that very few people are allergic to foods. However, research on this subject progresses, this number may be so great perseverance arise.

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