What is Fibromyalgia

This is a common type of arthritis 'fibrositis' or, 'muscular rheumatism' is known as. Affects the muscles and tendons, causing pain and sensitivity, but does not affect joints. Recently, a disease is defined in the troubled and sometimes believed to be a virus infection, followed by 'post-viral fatigue syndrome' so-called ME (myalgic encephalomye-litis) are closely related to.

Symptoms of the disease are similar in both muscle pain, stiffness and fatigue and exhaustion, and a large energy deprivation. The symptoms of fibromyalgia are thought to be caused by insufficient sleep.

A study conducted recently in Canada can not sleep in fibromyalgia syndrome patients-dıklarını revealed deep enough. Your eyes are still very deep sleep that began nearly two hours of sleep have a template of a significant. I constantly kıpırdadığı eyes 'rapid eye movement' (REM: Rapid Eye Movement) sleep times are not deep, called monitors.
Dream deep sleep phase of the unseen, and only missed the people who live the dream in REM sleep in fibromyalgia were being held. Tired in the morning, they wake up in pain, especially neck and shoulder muscles, and afflicted.

Fibromyalgia syndrome can become a vicious cycle: Muscle pain, the deep, restorative sleep and prevent pain, stiffness, and constantly makes the problem of inadequate sleep leads to exhaustion. This situation probably will be followed by depression.
Drug for this disease, doctors can provide their own continuity, but the only real solution is that it helps people self-determined way.

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