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Rheumatoid arthritis is osteoarthritis, a disease even more common in the UK 2.5 per cent of adults' influence turer. But compared with rheumatoid arthritis, this degeneration is simpler and more constructive joint disease.

Not cause damage to the inflammation, or excessive use of force and, or, aşınıp tear caused by aging process. But even after long years of research why some people more than others that they are developing the disease eğlimi yet no one knows exactly.

Type of the disease only affects middle-aged women, such as the hands of some types of passes from generation to generation in the family is well known, but osteoarthritis is believed to be a hereditary factor. In addition, a strain of osteoarthritis, or other damage inflicted by the sex of a joint is a joint disease also is believed could be occurred.

Many studies have been done about the aging process itself and a number of theories have emerged about how and why older. Biologist Dr. Alex Comfort 'programmed aging' is a theory suggested by. According to this theory, people who like animals are programmed to be able to breed the creatures to extinction, and reproductive capabilities to hold a hundred bodies grow old and die. Others aging, immune system plays an important role and is the first organ to shrink with age believe that there has been controlled by the thymus gland.

Gearbox with the progress of the age of the bones and joints seem more likely. But still this ridiculous story is still remembered: Ninety-year-old man goes to the doctor for sore series. Doctor him 'This is what you hope is the age? " At the beginning, saying the man wanted him to stave off çıkışır: 'Well, the other knee in the same age and in perfect health! "
However, osteoarthritis, despite thirty years to commence the most common in people who exceeded fifty is seen as an old-age disease. More young people, or a joint injury, as well as sports and dance, then forced a specific joints, or the removal of heavy things and certain professions, including a joint, to constantly repeat the same movement occurs as a result.

Rheumatologist Professor Malcolm Jayson and Dr. Allan Dixon, rheumatism and arthritis in his books is a likely cause of osteoarthritis as the other 'bozulma'yı show accelerated. These experts aşınıp wear a joint, hip joint, as is often part of the joint two say to each other can occur if settled in full. According to them, a malformed joints can be inherited in some families.

Deposition of lime salts, such as chemical and biological changes in cartilage in the joints can cause deterioration. This inflammation, damage to bone surfaces and synovial fluid lubrication can lead to deterioration of property. There is even the possibility of subsequent degradation of joint iyileşse.

Effects of

Deterioration of a joint, or degeneration starts to drop, if you have pain, it is very light. The main symptoms can persist for years, even as an emerging segment within the time frame and retained in pain. Inflammation of the joint itself is not a very good feel for the people. Every time a joint is affected, but nevertheless the weight-bearing joints in both hips, or knee joint is also possible to begin to deteriorate at the same time. Joint pain is usually tilted at the end of the day increases.

Covering the bone ends of the affected part of the joint kıkırdaktır first. Aşınıp rough and eventually becomes completely soluble. Bone, they attempt to renew the protective cartilage, but could only tiny bone called osteophytes around the edge of the surface düzleşirken {see ledges will produce. figure 6). They play each other in the joint surfaces of the bones begins to erode the synovial membrane, osteophytes can irritate and cause inflammation. Joint, pain, and the eclipse as well as the swells and fired.

The most common weight as those bearing joints are held in osteoarthritis: the hip, knee and foot, especially the big toe joints. The ankle joint is rarely involved in this disease, joint olmasıysa strange. Complex knee eklemiyse osetoartrite the open joint.

Eklemlerse collar bone and shoulder blade are prone to osteoarthritis of weight bearing on the front of the ear and the jaw joint, shoulder joints. The hands - especially in the hands of women - often around the affected finger joints (Heberden's called tubers) composed of small nodules of bone. These lumps are usually not pain, but a significant deformation. If the bottom side of the thumb joints are affected, with each movement of the hand is about to be embarrassed by this situation.

Osteoarthritis of the joint due to extreme pain and great difficulty oynatılabildiği eclipse, or, if you reach a point lost its stability due to weakened bonds, surgical intervention should be considered in the artificial joint inserted.

The recent development of artificial hip joints of the largest medical ilerlemelerdendir. Knee joint takılmasıysa more and more popular and successful. Continuous pain in the diner and almost miraculously stood up in the joints of patients can play two or three days and begins to walk within two to three weeks.

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