Infant Nutrition for Babies

Child's Nutrition, Baby Food Nutrition, Nutrition for Babies

Did you mother now. This is probably the first child, perhaps the second. Problems during a baby's voice heard on the captured password. Your baby's health condition is good. So now the most important issue for you, feeding your baby as needed.

Here in this section how you feed your baby is more appropriate, which will describe how to make baby food.

1 Month Infant Nutrition, Baby Nutrition 1 Month

You feed your baby breast milk. Mother's milk is beneficial to the child than what you have described in previous sections. What the children of mothers who breast vermelerinin also mentioned that objectionable. Start giving your child breast milk during the first days following rightly may wonder whether there is enough. If your child is not sleeping well, crying and very angry looks, taken short mucous, greenish brown or brown-is concerned can be justified. In this case, you need to scale milk. (The following table will take your baby's milk or formula a day, you can get information about the amount.)

First Month Baby Milk and Baby Food Amount of Claims

1. 70 cc a day earlier in the week. 1. 400 cc per day over the weekend.
2-3. weeks:
100-120 cc of each meal. (TOTAL 500-600 cc.)
4-5. weeks:
120-140 cc of each meal. (TOTAL 600-700 cc.)

If the child is sleeping well and life satisfaction görünüyorken, cries from time to time it must be a reason other than nutrition. For instance, there is gas, can be a good kundaklanmamış.

After the second week, should begin to give your baby the vitamins in the meantime remember you. Also, depending on the season again after the second week, fruit juice must. Especially during the summer months in order to meet your baby's growing need for water between the hours of her breast, boiled and cooled to room temperature and water do not forget to give.

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