True Diet Gout Patients

What is the correct diet?

Gout dietary advice for patients

Containing purine liver, kidney, sweetbread, brain, beef broth, fish, eggs, sardines, anchovies, herring avoid such foods.

Water, tea, coffee and juice included in the 3 to 3.5 liters of fluid a day.
To consume alcohol only moderately.

Gout, arthritis is the only genus that requires a special diet because the body is caused by excess uric acid and a gutta trend that no one-man liver, kidney and sweetbread, such as urate (uric acid salt) to raise the level of food should be avoided. Losing weight will also help to reduce urate levels and trigger a crisis, the more drink alcoholic beverages.
Other arthritis patients attract the types of low-fat - that is, reducing meat and dairy products - would be the benefit of diets, but totally excluded, if the fish meat, rice, walnuts, hazelnuts and other foods rich in protein such as eggs, should be reinforced. Oily fish such as herring and mackerel artritlilere is good for students-especially because it has been proven in the diet may help reduce inflammation of certain types of fat. Fish oil and Evening Primrose oil is certainly useful, but to see the real benefit of long-term and continuous use as required.

Honey, garlic, arısütü, ginseng, and a number of different foods such as apple cider vinegar artritlilere also be useful if you have claims, they are not proven. Some people in New Zealand green-lipped black shell midyesinin artritlerine water is good for say, but research has not verified this.
Artritliye overweight can be helpful in a weight loss diet, because they carry the burden will be reduced so that the joints are painful and easier than walking. This generally means that your body to eat small amounts of up to yakabileceği. Implement a healthy and balanced diet will give you a general fitness. This also means that you eat:
Too little sugar, butter, margarine, and animal fat

No more than the red and white meat, fish, milk, oil, cheese, yogurt, legumes, walnuts, hazelnuts and the egg

Plenty of whole wheat bread, cereal, food, potatoes, fresh fruit and vegetables
Note that the milk provides calcium to strengthen bones and reduce your dairy intake too much.
Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the reaction of the body against certain foods?

Many investigations have been made ​​about whether certain foods cause arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, asthma, or, in some skin diseases result from such foods should be considered a reaction against the theory. The only way to find this an 'exclusion' diet is to apply. This is reduced to a minimum level of dietary consumption of basic food every day and opposite reactions, carefully observed by adding a new food. After losing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis occur if certain foods are removed from the diet in the future. However, an exclusion diet, adequate nutrition is provided, or a doctor to be sure, a dietician should be controlled.

Rheumatoid arthritis-related research focuses on nutritional factors. Osteoarthritis of the disease, and other species (except for gout) seems unlikely to be of nutritional interest.

Rest and exercise

Is very inflamed and painful joints, inflammation of the azdırmamak acting for the need to resettle them. But by doing exercise to keep joints mobile and muscles strong is equally important. So we need to establish a delicate balance between rest and exercise arthritis.


Attachment of an acute inflammatory arthritis inflammation in crisis is a basic requirement for the rest. If it plays as a continuous inflammation of the joints inexpiable patient. Sometimes I keep completely still for joints such as hands and bilektekiler süyekler (thin boards used to wrap the joint) may be required. Them from a pharmacy or the hospital outpatient services are available. If the inflammation has spread strict bed rest! may be required.

The joint will be kept in the same position again for a while and it would be any sort of power will never forget. For example, aching knees in bed to put under the pillow as a support is to invite trouble: twisted joints will be kept is already very difficult to fix and will be again. Therefore, by holding a particular position, lying flat as much as possible by keeping uzuvlarınızı Prevent stay. But the patient resting on your joints move slightly several times to protect their volatility.

Inflammation through, and getting up again when dolaşabildiğiniz still a good idea to rest for a while every morning and afternoon. Bath, or, after a shower when the joints can be moved easily in hot and slightly move the joints. Until you hear make the normal functioning of joints, pain, pain threshold, but not every day a little more skill to raise.


Every day can be boring to exercise on a regular basis, and e-earnest requires self-discipline, so for a person with arthritis may help to remember the objectives of regular exercise. These objectives are:
Patient volatility protect your joints
Strengthen your muscles
Maintain general fitness and health

If you sit all day, or, when you sleep are joints, muscles weaken, the motion to require even more effort to see and feel a general fatigue and irritability. But if you apply a strict daily exercise program, increased capacity of your joints moving, reduces pain, consistently prevented the eclipse and you will feel much better.

'Ice-solving operation': a well-known rheumatologist, Dr. Frank Dudley Hart, Arthritis' i eaten daily exercise program for the book artritliler 'defrosting operation' is defined as. This is to protect the joints threatening words expert, every morning and evening, preferably in a warm bath, or shower after exercise is recommended.

Physiotherapists, or, otherwise known as physical therapists, rheumatic disease for people who are experts in the preparation of appropriate exercise programs. So I go to a specialist in your area, or, your doctor will teach you about the service of your local hospital to send you these exercises would be wise to ask.

For joint movement exercises. They are taking the normal functioning of joints pain, to the extent permitted include: elbow, or knee joint, such as bending and straight-a-faction menteşemsi, shoulder or hip joint rotation in a slot-like nodules. The spine, hips, knees and feet joints, such as living not move your body weight, or, lodging position will be easier to run. Water to facilitate the movement of weight lifted and the joints shall be in hot water to run your joints-especially the students can be helpful.

Strengthening exercises in November. They are not used by running them very simple to improve the strength of the muscles atrophy resulting from (atrophy) prevents. Please note that, 'using it you will lose everything'! Isometric exercises (active resistance exercises) is particularly useful for muscle strengthening. The therapist will work with a gradual exercise program to prepare your body back to its normal functions.

General fitness (fitness) exercises: rheumatic disease in any of the best exercise for people who are running the whole body weight of the water to swim taşıtarak. Every day for a period of half an hour fast walking or cycling is another excellent form of exercise. Fresh air, exercise regularly makes you more healthy and arthritis pain and other issues that inevitably brings to cope.

Mental attitude

Continuous pain caused by arthritis can be debilitating. Sleep patterns may be distorted and sick tired, vulnerable, depressed, and then wakes up in a poor to cope with problems. As we know, stress can be a trigger for rheumatoid arthritis, a painful rheumatic disease, so the tensile stress even if it does not need to say more ağırlaştıracağını. This can be done to reduce stress and overcome?

9. As you will read the chapter for the body to treat the mind as much as there are natural methods, but here is a simple relaxation techniques to emphasize the importance of values ​​such as those provided below.

About twenty minutes on his back in a comfortable way yatabileceğiniz find a quiet room.
Remove the dull mind all thoughts and a beautiful place (in the countryside, or a quiet beach) Imagine that you are. The birds and insects, or, seagulls and the sounds of the sea (a scene in your mind is really quiet sounds) Imagine.

Parts of your body (before each leg, then all of the leg, then each leg and arm and face, and in this way until all the places on your own) before the muscles one by one by taking the muscle, then relax completely until thoroughly still. When you have finished your entire body will feel heavy and unable to move in a state, for example, if someone has removed your arm will drop down again.

İdealinizdeki soothing sounds of the scene and imagining a reality in this way for five minutes and then slowly return to the yacht. Take your time: each part of your body when you're ready to get up and gently move the body and mind and you'll be surprised at how relaxed you feel. The pain will be diminished.

Implementation issues, some solutions to practical problems on top of yığıldığında always useful and there are many ways to help yourself in your daily life.
For example, to support your back and sit in a comfortable chair height may need to get up to facilitate appropriate. Why lock yourself or the motor part of a living, soft arm rests and a seat backrest is a gift you do not fit the shape of your spine? A well-designed chair can make a big change in daily konforunuzda.
Stairclimbing can become a problem. If you live in a multi-storey apartment in a house, or a single-story home instead of moving the burden of a stair lift taktırmaya what do you think?

Garden may be curious to deal with, but if done regularly, you can see when you take your garden to the forest will be changed to difficulty in doing things. If you lean to handle the problem happens tarhlarını flowers, sitting on a stool-height tarhlar prepare Did you ever think that you can access easily? to see the whole outfit especially designed for disabled gardeners Have you ever thought of?

In most Western countries organizations arthritis and rheumatism, arthritis and diseases of humans cope in understanding the problems of a large number of brochures and booklets to help you publish. Arthritis and Rheumatism Council of the UK as well as some research projects and research units in hospitals and universities, medical schools, the provision of funds to support faculty members in the field of rheumatology, and professions related to medicine in the treatment of rheumatic diseases ones increase the knowledge and experience supports the provision of scholarships.

Our minds to find solutions to the practical difficulties in daily life will help bring a better situation. Aid for people with arthritis in the next chapter we will see daily life at home.

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