Disease Phobia and Anxiety Panic

Phobic Disorders, Panic Ansiyete

Phobic disorder a particular object, activity or required in case of unreasonable, an inexplicable fear. There are a lot of desire to escape these conditions because of this fear. Irrational fears, phobias, phobia disorders caused by the conditions referred to as phobia. There are three features of phobias:

1. Fear is not proportionate to the conditions.
2. Causality can not control the fear or prompt.
3. Fear objects, activity or situation when you are away from the fears not aware meaningful.

Many human animals, simple phobias, such as fear of high places, or have closed. These fears can be controlled easily by avoiding them. However, some larger and more serious phobias. Can lead to anxiety and panic. Fobilerle millions of people around the world and as a result of severe panic attacks are facing.

What are the types Phobia?

There are three main types of phobic disorders. These are simple phobia (fear of objects), social phobia (fear of activity) and aorafobi (conditions do not be afraid), dir.

Phobias usually does not adversely affect life in adulthood. This is because the fear and dread is usually obvious what the effect of avoiding the critical lack of professional or personal development. Phobia symptoms in a significant way to feelings of inadequacy, or opens the "inconvenience is the speech phobic.

Agoraphobia, simple phobia is common among women. Agoraphobia and social phobia than one member of the family can be seen.

Simple Phobia Symptoms, Anxiety, Anxiety

Irrational fear of objects, is called a simple phobia. Normally occurs during infancy or early childhood. It may take up to adulthood, and may reappear after a period not seen any signs. There are three basic and feature a connection with a simple phobia.

Key features:

An object or a particular situation, the current conditions without the fear linked to the function or object;
Tendency to avoid conditions that may cause concern;
Sudden emergence of an object can lead to panic attacks.
Connected feature, without facing the phobia condition that creates the tendency for more research and information gathering to make.

Simple Phobia Diagnostic Criteria

Continuous as animals, heights, enclosed rooms, a needle or blood to escape from conditions such as to see and be afraid.

Confronted with conditions like panic attacks, phobic objects or causes. Children usually do not cry your fears, anger, seizures, expressed in the form of leave are stuck somewhere and understood by adults. Of understanding of this creates a huge hardship.

Phobic avoidance of objects or conditions in the request affects the normal personal or professional life.

In adults, the symptoms take longer than six months.
Any other mental disorder, post traumatic disorder, other phobias, depression or no saplantısal diseases.

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