Removing the baby out, babies Open Air Exercise

Baby 40 days after the open air should be removed gradually. Open-air, allowing your baby to have a good sleep, sleep and appetite as required is one of the most important factors. For some reason doctors tell them, and despite all the books öğütlemesine enforcing the number of parents is very small. Many parents believed that fresh air, when the child would be sick, and some "In fact, all day, get tired, you also do not have time to come out to take the child,» say. That's like saying let's give mothers paid off immediately: "If you leave your child in the open air well clothed the baby's illness is not in question. You can also avoid dealing with him more. Remember, the advice of those you aim to your baby is not sick, on the contrary, be beneficial to you, facilitate your work.

On the other hand, "is actually a daily fatigue and weakness» of the claims that we defend the view: you want to talk about fatigue or vakitsizlikten your child out for an hour a day and your strength will always be time to take off.

In addition, up to 60 minutes with the child in your nerves to navigate in the open air is as useful as I will not believe. However, if your time and say the steeple, but this dediklerimizi apply for a few days. You will notice that the child rides, as well as to provide greater benefits to you and, above all in the correct mood. Because there vakitsizlikten güçsüzlükten a mother or the doctor is absolutely no doubt that there is demoralization. Excursions to you because this is very useful. Consequently, the rainy, stormy and cold days, except for one hour per day outdoors with your child dolaşmalısınız. If you do so shortly after the baby's appetite will increase, people will sleep for a regular and calm. At the same time often hastalanmayacak, his face will look colorful and healthy. On the other hand, the nerves you get stronger, your appetite will be opened, people you live, you'll feel healthy.

In winter, with the child while the car thoroughly dressed, should wear gloves and headgear. In summer, people can also increase the amount of time the child will remain in the open air.

You can leave your baby in the sun

Two minutes before the sun without burning your baby every day and let us extend this period by two minutes. Thus, this amount of time can remove up to half an hour. On the other hand, warm weather, children, rob, cooler weather is very useful only to leave her legs open. So, enjoy the sun ultraviolet rays. Thus, the construction of vitamin D to help your child that you do not forget. Vitamin D is an important substance that protects the child bone diseases. The child is also very dangerous to stay in the sun more than normal. Perhaps the most cases, the type of staying at sea for a long time until morning uyumamakla ödemişsinizdir sentence. Caution If you do not take the pain in the same child. Also, if you consider the children's resistance is much less ones, you must be careful how much you know. Also staying longer than usual period of time under the scorching sun, sunstroke caused by the so-called disease, especially in children can be very dangerous. Last Specify that immediately, the sun, as well as a need, as a threat.

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