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Baby Breastfeeding Technique, Pregnancy Child Nursing

Mother suckles her child, or lying down or sitting down. Inpatient breastfeeding, the early days of lohusalığın done. Since the mother turns a little, adjusted the pillow back. Which breast her baby quilt verecekse he opens his arm half lying on a pillow or a small baby in his mother's side of the arm is extended. Easy to swallow whether she kept the child's head and the body is a little high. Maternal signs and middle fingers between the nipple into his mouth while holding the child closer. Tip of the baby's lips lightly, and one or two drops of breast milk are tightened değdirilir reflex, the baby immediately begin to make sucking movements. The most important point to be considered here, the mother breast-feeding her child on breast milk from time to time by pressing the nipple kolaylaştırmasıdır flow.

Standing breastfeeding: the mother sitting in a chair and put a pillow on his back is not too thick. In addition, a low chair, put your feet on the bottom is very useful. Thus, the situation only after the baby is most comfortable for the mother, her face turning the arms to the side is facing the mother. The child's head should be raised again slightly to make it easier to swallow.

Breastfeeding duration: 15-20 minutes on average to be. This is no time should not exceed 30 minutes. Many parents of children on the grounds doymadı 45 minutes, or even the child's mouth, keep the breast for an hour. One benefit of this, such as whether the child, for you only a waste of time. Moreover, such long-term breast-feeding can also cause nipple is sore. Last know that, within five minutes after the start of your baby sucking breast milk 2 / 3 'empty fame.

Should a single breast or both? Please provide a breast milk at every meal if you have enough. If you do not believe that the only adequate breast milk in breast milk then you should give your baby every two. However, if there is enough milk, the milk can not be decided without weight. While each of them in the order of two breast the baby will need to pay particular attention. In this way, every meal is a breast is completely emptied. First you give your baby the breast for at least 10 minutes, suction, and then to the other should. In the meantime, children are tired and sleep. Okşanması cheek gently, and compression of the nose gently wake the baby, but also will help you to start sucking sucking reflex re-animating.

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