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Babies Sleep Pattern, Monthly Baby Sleep
A newborn baby sleeps most of the day passes. Breast sucking and wake up six or evoke only changing the status of the child takes up to 3-4 weeks after birth. So much so, in the early days of a newborn baby sleep time is 18 hours. However, this is not a rule. Because some children are addicted to sleep, even though some of them like to sleep less and less sleep. He arranges his time with the children to sleep.

Of course, some of the habits of male role you will be in the baby. Place each breast or formula immediately after your baby cot, maybe not remove the sound, perhaps the clamor will print. Uyumaması sleep you will not lend its decision, but you are going to walk lap, otherwise you'll lay in bed, the final decision is yours. If she cried in her arms to children than just the early days of his life to achieve something that will teach him to cry. If your child cries wait patiently! After the baby is less than 10-15 minutes after a deep sleep dalacaktır susacak. Remember, there is a need for even a small cry.

However, the implementation of all of them, the house is very difficult for those who are mothers or kayınvaldesi. Last know that at least 20-30 years ago, today you have had devirlerinizi elders, on the implementation of what we say we will not be much help. More accurate words, Prohibition. For them, child discipline, infant care, has a meaning very different today. Let them know from the «best» sürdürsünler claiming that prejudices their lives in comfort. But this "as a young mother and elders give the necessary concessions unnecessary» does not mean that. We are sacrificing to give you about your baby, not what they say on the contrary, the doctors would abide by the rules. That's because of these reasons, an intense debate büyüklerinizle do not enter alone. This is what the debate you, nor will they be useful for, contrary to everyone's comfort at home deteriorate.

«So how do we do?» More plausible answer to the question we found the following:
Try to take her to the doctor to take the child at home büyüğünüzü. If one believes he certainly does not want to come büyüğünüz take it with you. Even the smallest problems doctor problem. Your doctor counsels a couple of times tekrarlatın him. In this way at home when your doctor says you can move a little more comfortable.

In the meantime, when we go back home büyüğünüz, "This doctor does not understand something, let's go to another doctor, it comes in the form of encounter with a proposal to try to yadırgamamaya. Here, here, our you will be an important öğüdümüz: Every doctor gives the same advice about the same subject. Therefore, any attempt to change the way doctors often do not enter, and definitely avoid it.
As a result, problems at home waiting for you first before the elders for çözümleyebil tested the receiver, with the help of your doctor try to convince the new methods. Then you can be interested in your child more comfortable.

Do not leave your child every time the same figure

Deposit in the same way every time your baby in the skull bones are soft yassılaşabilir. Deposited in different ways to prevent this, the child would be appropriate. The best example of this subject is the Americans, namely: starting from the first day of new born babies more prone to put to bed. Hospitalized children do not think this way, such as airless and boğulmaz. Can believe it. Prone to deposit on the fears were true, something he düşünülmezdi population growth in America today. In addition, there are many other benefits the child prone to deposit sıralayacağımız below:

Pale to obtain the child's neck muscles will grow into his head to and fro. On the other hand, laid over the abdomen of the child and easier to digest, as well as kuvvetlenecektir abdominal muscles. Children hospitalized for vomiting on his back in this way is much less than yatırılanlara. Beyond all this, if the child's appetite to be more open and more smoothly if you want to sleep, your baby every day within the period specified in the open air show around that note.

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