7 Months baby Baby Nutrition Development

7 Monthly baby's nutrition, Infant Nutrition and Care 7 Months

The seventh month, child no longer accustomed to meat thoroughly. No longer be added to the lamb meat chicken livers. If any of these meats every day a child will bıktırmamış her flesh.

This month, hours of food are the same as six months. The first formula is now entering a form of breakfast. The child next to sweat-fat milk, cheese and jam can be given. Again this month to remove the child begins to teeth. If you see a loss of appetite compared to last months, you never worry. This unrest may be due to release the child's teeth properly applied so far not adversely affect life style.
On the other hand, is a poor child for dental released between the hours of food to a food product. This is incorrect behavior, the child's food in the normal time of food can lead to istememisen. (Except for water and fruit juice).

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