Drugs Used in Asthma Disease

Asthma Drugs, Asthma Drugs Used in the Treatment Types

Prevention and treatment of asthma than desensitizsasyon needles, drugs, and "ecological" approach to treatment consists of the methods called.

Ecological approach

In recent years, despite widespread adoption and help many patients, this unusual and controversial approach. Allergy specialist, under the language of diluted allergens puts the patient in order to determine allergens. Especially the United States, although some doctors monitored allergens under the skin to provide a method, basically the same. Allergen, such as increased pulse rate shot a mentally or physically uncomfortable or unusual reactions shows the patient, he is determined to be an allergic substance. Allergy specialist, more than any amount of allergen under the tongue and then putting the response to taxable. The language is the difference between a drop of allergen placed under the second drop of the first allergen, the second is due to drop even further diluted. Ecological experts in allergy, allergy-causing compound is 10 or 25 times more diluted compounds, determined that the opposite effect. The right combination for the patient after giving him a bottle of anti-combination reaction is given.

Traditionally, this method is a specialist, can be completely incomprehensible and illogical. But the method is similar to the well-known alternative treatment methods homoepati'ye. Homoepatlarda, patients, larger doses of substances that can cause the disease are taken, doses are diluted.


The traditional medicines in order to improve asthma, the symptoms of the disease to each other or may cause an adverse impact on the physical processes. Asthma drugs, the 3 principal categories: extended bronchial bubbles reduction and degradation of mast cells in allergic responses and prevent drugs to soften.
Histamine, antihistamines can interfere with reaching the swelling seen in the region could be considered useful. However, other allergic reactions such as hay fever, antihistamines although useful, very useful in asthma attacks understood.


Theograd, Theosol

Bronkodilatador drugs, natural substances in the body, stimulate the sympathetic nervous system yinelerler behavior. By increasing heart rate and respiratory tract to open fire, air entering the lungs by providing more action to prepare the body, are substances such as adrenaline. Adrenaline, adrenaline glands in the body produces naturally. A synthetic type used to treat asthmatics. However, adrenaline, only a very severe emergency and crisis situations, is given by injection. Because adrenaline and similar drugs (ephedrine, isoprenaline, and orsiprenalin metoksifenamin), although very effective in opening airways, heart and blood pressure elevation can cause excessive .

Doctors are now more narrow domain of adrenaline and chemical counterparts use. Among these drugs terbutaline, fenoterol, izoetharin, reproterol and rimiterol be considered. A large amount of the body as possible, as soon as possible, these drugs must be given to emergency cases through a needle, usually taken as a pill or by injection into the mouth. These drugs, emergency situations, and within a short period of time, such as large doses can be injected into the body, patients can be given as a pill or mouth, or through injection. If taken in pill form are side effects such as tremors and nervous tension and takes a long time to be effective drugs in the blood stream. Therefore, the goal, namely direct injection through the throat used, a more effective method.

Bronkodilatadorlar can also be used with the help of a device called a humidifier. In this method, drugs are mixed with an aqueous solution, in case of small particles, is drawn inward by the respiratory route.

Aminophylline, acefilin, choline, theophylline, diprofilin, teofilinat, including proksifilin and etamifilini, there is another group of bronkodilatador. Some of these drugs, drugs such as salbutamol than those used for a long time. For example, theophylline, tea is one of its ingredients. The main drawback of these drugs, some patients is that they cause the stomach. However, loosen the muscles of the bronchi and in the brain that controls breathing in the center of activation, are effective. Tablet, syrup or injection in the form of light bulb although usually in the form of the rectum are taken. In this way, drug, mixed with the blood very slowly. However be coming to a slow, continuous drug mixing of the blood allows for a period of 12 hours. This is also very useful in terms of disease, especially at night to keep under control.

Corticosteroidler, so 30 years ago, swelling and allergic reactions due to the success of prevent described as a wonderful drug, is a group of drugs. Doctors soon realized that this wonderful drug should be used very carefully. Because of the drug, preventing the natural hormone production, causing bones to weaken and become the face and shoulders as well as side effects of obesity that was understood.

Although doctors should use these drugs very carefully, very effective in terms of contractions and prevent swelling in the airways. The risk of the drug, the drug directly to the airways is reduced by using directed spray.

Doctors, regular users of the drug in their mouth for about 10 minutes before spraying a recommend them to breathe. Thus, provided that the airways open, will go right through. Severe asthma, corticosteroid tabletleriyle can be treated. These cases are usually prednisolone. Emergency cases, cortisone injections can be made.

The drugs that are effective on mast cells

Ketotifen, sodium, kromoglisat astımlarda drugs, one of the most valuable, of course sodium. This drug can help prevent asthma attacks or reduce their frequency. For this purpose, strengthening of mast cells, antibodies encounter allergens entering the body, prevents breakdown.

The main distinction between the drug Sodium kromoglisatla other asthma medications to relieve the patient rather than after the crisis caused by pursuit of preventing crises to come. Mast cells began to crumble after a crisis to be sodium benefit will be limited. At this stage, take this drug, compared to close the door to the stables after the horses escaped.

Two methods can be viewed using the drug. The first method, drug, into a small device is put. Here, the drug, two small needle pierces. Drugs are taken into the mouth of a small propeller, a cloud of dust as a respiratory tract drug.

Some patients complain of dry airways after taking the drug. These complaints sometimes be resolved by drinking a glass of water. Or you may suggest doctor .

But rather than retreat into the form of tablets or capsules are swallowed. At the same time by the effect of antihistamines may cause the patient to turn his head slightly.

The most important thing to remember about these two drugs, to provide protection "should be taken on a regular basis." In order to resolve crises patients who are accustomed to, they take these drugs regularly practice. Kromoglisat sodium, usually taken four times a day.
Finally, none of these drugs, asthma treatment should not be forgotten or not. Can prevent allergic reactions or asthma symptoms can provide wears off, but as long as they were no functions other than to make life more livable. The patient, doctor, about the effects of the drug, must provide information. Asthma, varying from patient to patient shows symptoms. Each patient in a period in which the drug trials may be required to determine the best fit.

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