Surgical Treatment of Arthritis Disease

Surgical Treatment of Arthritis Disease

Medication and physical therapy progression of arthritis and joint functions durduramıyorsa to lose by keeping it hurts, is deformed and the patient's life in every aspect - social, professional and home life - adversely affected by surgical intervention should be considered over. Progress in the last thirty years, surgery patients with the most successful ones artificial replacement joints, rheumatic disease, but other surgical procedures, there are those who will be useful.

Arthroplasty (joint replacement)

Artificial joint insertion of surgical success really öykülerindendir century. The first hip replaced in 1938 and since that time and materials, hip joint replacement operation until it has developed into a regular event. 300,000 hip joint replaced worldwide each year, approximately 40,000 category, out of which takes place in England.
Tuberous-socket hip joint is a joint head and the pelvis, thigh bone and eroded the slot, a total hip replacement ameliyatıyla must be removed and replaced. Artificial joints are made ​​of materials preferred by surgeons, but metal or high-density plastic and place in a kind of glue can be tutturulurlar. Immediate cessation of pain and joint movement is expected to have an adequate level of capacity at least.

Example case

Sixty-six-year-old Mr Jenkins had osteoarthritis in both hips worse. Bisikletçiydi enthusiastic youth, and as a result of a greater amount of hip joints worn aşınıp. When the doctor finally crippled because of pain, and retained an orthopedic surgeon sent him for a possible change in the joint.

Extensive damage to both X-rays showed that the hip joint and the surgeon agreed to exchange, but only one joint at a time will change and so Mr. Jenkins said that this type of surgery gözleyebileceğini how to react. Fortunately, the long waiting list, and Mr. Jenkins did not just lay in the hospital three months later.
After surgery, tubes inserted in self-discharging currents when the thigh wound, lying on her back between her legs durumdaydı and wedge-shaped pillow was used to keep them in the correct position. Two days later, a physical therapist helped out of bed and before the emergence of two canes with the help of a walker and then taught how yürüyeceğini again. Hips in perfect condition and almost felt like a miracle there was no pain.

Stitches were taken ten days after their stay at the hospital and told to go home in about a week. Walking stick sürdürebiliyor home life, in a very easy way çıkabiliyordu stairs. Control goes to hospital again for the surgeon and the patient's health was very pleased with the healing ten were won again in full immediately replace the other hip joint, he said.

Now showing the same success in the knee joint changes every year, 14,000 such surgeries are carried out in the UK. Hinge-Şemsi is a joint, bone ends should be re-surfaces. For this, metal plates are used and put a piece of plastic between the meniscus substitute.


Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory types of synovial membrane surrounding the inflamed joint. This tissue 'synovectomy' can be taken by a surgical intervention. A large amount of pain and swelling will decrease, albeit in another way, will be re-synovial membrane. This surgery is sometimes rheumatoid arthritis.


If you had a joint in the bone fragments and other debris has trouble free, they are 'debridement', which can be taken by a process. In this process, is put into adding the surgeon to see any rash that can receive a small fiber-optic tube is used in arthroscopy.


Arthritis, bone destruction of the bones that can change the angle of the merger with each other. This situation occurs frequently in the knee joint arthritis, also may be the hips. The treatment took a small piece of bone, bone, other bone in the form of optimization will be merged with the correct angle.

life is changed, only the second time in two decades, and this time goes down to ten years. Deformation of the two bone ends of the boil for the relief of pain and may need to fix, but the joint can be kept permanently. A joint boiling process 'fusion' is known as.

Reconstructive surgery (repair surgery)

Rheumatic disorders affecting soft tissues such as tendons 'flaccid finger' deformations, such as rupture of tendons may be the result. Surgical reconstruction of damaged tendons in this type of deformation can be corrected.

Decompression surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a rheumatic disease tendonlarmı wrist sheath that surrounds nerve iltihaplanarak prints, and especially the hands, wrist and arm, especially at night will cause great pain. With the normal function of the wrist and hand to give pain relief and trapped by the median nerve decompression can be freed.

Example case

Forty-three years old, Mr. Thompson, the master of a building, a large wrist and arm pain and numbness and tingling in the fingers goes for the doctor. Pain spreading to shoulders, and sometimes at night, preventing sleep, such as the difficult work.
The doctor sent her rheumatologist, carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis of Mr. Thompson added to reduce inflammation of the wrist and a corticosteroid drug was injected. It failed,, rheumatologist decided that an operation to recover the trapped nerve.

The success rate of surgical intervention

Surgical intervention in no way 'moderate' is not a treatment modality, but the success rate is very high değiştirilmesindeki arthritis of the joints. Artificial joints have always been around the patient's body, the risk of an infection caused by bacteria which is 2 to 1 per cent. This can usually be treated effectively with antibiotics.

In addition, a pulmonary embolism is very low (leg, or, pelvis, whether the formation of a blood clot to the lungs) are at risk. This surgery has many risks, and doctors are accustomed to deal with it.

The biggest change in earnings of joint surgery in patients with seemingly endless escape the unbearable pain and joint kullanabilmeleridir a close to normal again. This type of surgery and arthritis patients developing continuously offers new life really.

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