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Should be very careful care of the navel, should remain dry. Connected to the hub as possible after the birth of sterile gauze cloth should not touch. Will force, for example, the cloth gets dirty with urine or faeces, dust belly instead of the old one removed and planted in gauze, still wrapped in sterile gauze. If your doctor finds the appropriate node on the core is wrapped on a regular basis. You must inform your doctor if you see the situation quickly around a turn red underbelly. Belly may be infected. Almost as soon as treatment is an important problem. Önemsenmezse and difficult to treat, but also take the form of a dangerous disease. For these reasons, the navel, for microbes kapmaması, individual bathroom should not be done until fall. Usually 5-8 days after birth, the umbilical is reduced. 8. düşmemişse days still worry sometimes that happens in late fall. But as soon as the low core way of slandering the başvurmayınız. After the fall of the umbilical region, also be careful that, you need to keep clean. Belly place until you can get a normal skin appearance. This is usually completed within 3-5 days.

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