Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Young women, lupus, or commonly known as used in the main victims of SLE. This is a form of inflammatory arthritis and many different parts of the body affected. Gribinkilere Symptoms are very similar: fever, malaise, muscle and joint aches and pains. Name reflects some of the symptoms of the disease: is spread over the whole body systemic lupus (a Latin word meaning wolf) in the face said to resemble a wolf bite defines kızartıyı erythematosus (erythema, or, hyperemia income) defines the skin inflammation.

Symptoms hastalığınkilere resembles many other diagnosis can be difficult. Many come and go throughout the year, and suddenly disappear. Exposure to sunlight can cause and exacerbate lupus pregnancy. But the disease is a good direction, despite inflammation in the joints that lead to permanent damage to the açmamasıdır.

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