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Understand nothing, nothing he did not know how wrong you think you're thinking of it as soon as you prove your baby is tiny. Yanıldığınızı realized that maybe too late. Now you have found the baby in your weaknesses, even if you wanted to have begun. I cry almost every request unless you come through Baby konuşamadığı. So, first try to understand what it means to cry:

Small, acıkınca, six get wet, if you have pain, instead of one thing and ağlamakla batıyorsa any yaptırabileceğini understood the request, then you will cry. However, over time you will notice that each one is different cries.

• Baby cries hungry bellies, which suddenly does not start crying. Usually occurs shortly before the time of the breast. Saturating and half asleep diving belly to wake up an hour later it starts to cry, not hungry, you probably bozukluğundandır digestion. In the meantime, there are useful to check the baby's bottom again. If you are a child of six is wet, do not cry cause is understood.
• Baby cries, sometimes even without the six wet, then it might be tight in the kundağının, glands that can disturb the baby should be considered by floor.

Does not cry babies Cause Disease?

No single symptom of the disease is not a cry, then cry that there are other reasons why the disease. For instance, a child with a cold coughs, runny nose should.
The bowels of the minor may be corrupted. In this case, the color and opacity changes in the stool. In addition, the increase in the child's fever.

If any of the conditions mentioned in this gözlediyseniz, your child crying in the very right. You must inform your doctor immediately.
They are not sick baby cries were more likely to enjoy a lap. In fact, when you receive your lap, is muted. We offer the child stops crying she gezdirmemenizdir her lap.

If you have not seen any of the above symptoms, some children continue to cry. The cry "nervous cry» takes its name. None of the results will not take arms to give the remedies, such as breast.

Seizures of this kind in the form of crying coming from the exact cause is unknown. According to some doctors, pain is severe intestinal gases, according to some completely nervous origin. Resolves spontaneously within 2-3 months at the latest. In the meantime, take advantage of the doctor's drugs. Such cries of the children, if the cause of abdominal pain, can prone to pay a little more comfortable.

The relationship with the child, must be restrained at all times. Her breast, while the bathroom making, that an entity must specify how much value you provide. Nutrition for the development of how the child is necessary, love is a need for spiritual development. Wrapped him from time to time, talk to him. But the unnecessary show of interest in him should know şımartacağını. Means to deal with the child, never stick to her side, talk to him every moment, every moment is not to say it to a particular favorite. To care for your child by talking with some of the time, but, by playing and give him fondly. Keep the rest of your work quietly as possible.

An important reason for being spoiled in the minor, often to leave the neighbors.

In such cases, the child must be your neighbor will pay more attention. But I will not give the child the opportunity to become self in no time. Gezdirecek him in her arms constantly, if any, into the hands of different toys will stop. Thus, the new child ways to obtain a new self instead of spending time, to be awake at any moment someone will want to deal with it.
Therefore, unless your child will force the neighbors do not leave. If the relatives describe how they would act if a must.

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