Structure of the tooth

Dental diseases, tooth pain and tooth structure to understand why it is roughly known. The essence of the vessels and nerves of teeth called dental teeth with a soft layer surrounding the core, protects the enamel and the "how" we call consists of two hard layers.

Mine, the top layer of the tooth appears. Tooth color is skin color. How to with the color of your skin determines whether you are healthy, your teeth yellow as well as unhealthy or healthy are not very white.

Structure of teeth

Normally in our mouth each jaw 4 front teeth (cutters), 2 canine, 4 premolars, 4 molars and in the 20 years she has a total of 32 teeth.
Dentists "crown" part of the tooth in the mouth, teeth, say his name. I also have not seen that these roots are the roots of teeth is unique in the front teeth. Molar teeth may be two or three well-established. So all three molars as thought is not a radical.

The roots of teeth is a topic of interest;
Upper molars 3 root
Sub-major azılar, upper second small azılar 2 root

Front teeth, dog teeth, top and bottom of the first single-small cell.
In the teeth of a mystery 20 years 1, 2, 3 or 4 may be rooted, that is attached to the head.

Is embedded into the jaw bone and teeth as shown in the above cakes are surrounded by gum. Mm above the bone is located in a gum. Bone between the roots in the "ligaments" that we call, the connection between bone and the teeth during chewing forces are a way to stretch. Once you know all this basic information to better understand teeth graze.

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