Gum Disease

In order to understand the diseased gingiva, is how healthy gums, you need to know. Light pink healthy gums, teeth in the form of a thin band wraps. Taps, apple, pear, quince, bleeding gums when eating. In diseased gums swollen, red significantly, the slightest touch, bleeding gums during brushing. This view also is accompanied by brown weigh a severe gum problem exists.

"Microbial dental plaque," we call germs and sticky saliva of the substances mentioned plaktan. Now, how to work in the record of this microbe can cause gum diseases, try to understand it.

Food eaten, the record created in your mouth. After that, microbes begin to multiply the speed of light. Passes 6 hours, 12 minutes passes, sleep is still not intend to brush. So fill in 24 hours. Microbes in plaque lazy as you behave this way. Reproduce, grow, grow ... What you eat is a common appetite, teeth and gums on one side of the waste produces toxic substances that damage, acid rain, on the one hand the amount of food in your teeth using. If there tabirimizle Record more than 24 hours, it matures.

The amount of waste it produces will cause disease reaches. This plaque, teeth and gum chewing that facial pits are concentrated at the edges, and even germ-coloring tablets become easily visible.

How our hands over the skin with a healthy gingiva above the "epithelial" layer is covered with a call. Microbe plağınca wastes generated in the first irritate the epithelium and disrupts the continuity of the epithelium. You can compare your hand a few drops of acid. Is not easy for the protective epithelium of injured regions are no longer bleeding gums. This is the first sign of gum disease, but it is not yet too late for anything. Cause irritation of the plaque, a soft toothbrush as soon as possible is removed from the gingival epithelium is repaired and the bleeding cuts. But does not remove plaque and in the meantime to continue to be fed at the level of acid in your mouth and bring them to germs of the most beloved consistency and waste continues in full swing, people stand up against these attacks the gums and withdrawn according to the defense.

Minerals in saliva and dental plaque begins to collapse on the other hand creates a stone. Teeth with polish is not good quality. In other words, such as the porous limestone. It enters into the pores of food leftovers, around here causes the formation of plaque. These pores act as germs for the super-luxury villas. Brush strokes, even in the VIP guests can not disturb these villas. Complete removal of the stones for this Gingival , sticks and regular brushing areas should be made ​​smooth. Stones in the gingiva and tooth surface of the plates taken as a result of waste in areas where plaque accumulates opened. Thus begins a vicious cycle. Gum is taken, the captured area to accumulate plaque, consisting of plaque causes the gums to withdraw even more. As shown in the figure of gum, the bone surrounding the tooth starts to over 1 millimeter. Gum drawn at this distance in trying to protect the bone begins to melt. The roots of teeth exposed them to emerge and begin to form stones. As a result of this negative relationship between the root and bone, teeth and tooth aralan also started to open to take a swing. The roots of the surrounding bone is resorbed and the longitudinal and transverse gutters. Meanwhile, the defense cells of the body sends gingiva. A result, the gums swell up, to blush. This swelling, blistering, and the melting of the bone around the tooth consists of a cell.

Entering into this mobile food scraps here accumulate over time. Brush can not reach these regions. The patient can wash these places even if I did a superficial brushing. Sometimes these pockets are clogged with peel a tomato or a piece of sesame seeds. Pus and the abscess does not flow out of the crashed. The patient takes a few days of pain, tooth. In the meantime, the self-discharge pus. According to him, cut off the patient's pain, chronic inflammation continues, although she improved.

For many years, the gums and surrounding tissues are exposed to this waste is no longer suffers from irreversible destruction. Gum every touch, even bleed slightly hard foods. Bleeding, stones, and their black and brown coloring is caused to take a picture. On the one hand this is a terrible bleeding and bad breath occurs because of gaps accumulated in the food. The patient may not notice the smell of his own mouth, but according to US Civil Code, divorce cause of bad breath.

Let us come to what it takes to do. The first thing you should do brushing your teeth regularly and to not allow the maturation of germ plaque. The treatment of gum base, eliminating the reason is to allow the healing of tissues. Reason for the record that the fight to-plate section, said first two sentence. With dental floss and brush your teeth cleaned on a regular basis plaque.
Brush them before, and life circumstances in the face of this book keeps you with this type of gum problems, let us continue on what can be done:

1. "I just have bleeding gums, and he is brushing. When I look in the mirror they look a bit red," if you say you're in luck too. At this stage, just replace the tooth brush with a soft brush and good quality brush your teeth regularly. At the same time the switch to the use of dental floss. Within a week, and gingival bleeding gums cut. Previously discussed methods of brushing and oral-dental care, obey the rules of sweet, pink tooth gums go to live happily. When these treatments within 3 days of bleeding starts again. Obesity is provided by the regime and the sport returns to the weight of gum disease, how to brush the leaves will return to leave.

2. Are bleeding gums, apples, pears, hard foods, such as blood coming off the bite and gingival recession in some places and appears to weigh in, or red, light fog and relatives mouth gums complement complains from time to time, advanced stage of gum disease and the transition to regular brushing Need a dentist with the means of intervention. In this case, explaining the importance of brushing a real dentist first attract you to a speech. Then for 3-4 sessions of process will completely clean. With this operation, a noticeable improvement within a week will be the gums, bleeding in the first cut, will be reduced swelling of the mouth kokunuz will be no noticeable extent. If you think gum treatment, and by the way your treatment is over and you have been told the job a single session, but in the past 10 days, although STOP bleeding, gum treatment not only means that you are divorced. This probably means that the dealin against pirate tooth . Worse than that, this is a pirate in this case physicians, patients and their teeth often author advises only antibiotic mouthwash. Because according to them, swings swaying even more teeth. Thus at the end of their teeth are prepared by yourself.

Why use an antibiotic mouthwash dentists nourish the gums or gum disease treatment do not give a vitamin or "scrub, scrub!" do they say? Because the gums are not a begonia or a Japanese umbrella that fed vitamin. Let's say bleeding, you go to a doctor in your mouth tartar 200 grams. The doctor you an antibiotic, vitamin and nutritional gave mouthwash. Sent to you without doing anything else. Here is a real pirate of the physician than a dentist to do now know roughly.

This will be a stimulus that: you go to dentist. Gingival prostheses before and warned openly about you that you need gum treatment, he said. You can do except to go to college or a place you might have therapeutic value in your dentist know uyardıysa. Although the above-described severe gum disease, gums dentist too, is recommend you to be careful.

In short, the dental health of the most important and the first symptom of gum bleeding. Healthy gums touching, bleed. Gingival bleeding in the treatment should be discontinued in a week or 10 days. Bleeding is not cut and have a lot of complaints missing. Following treatment with polish teeth cleaned and gums can be made.

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