3-Month Infant Feeding baby Maintenance

3-Month Infant Nutrition, infant feeding and care of 3 Months

To date, only the milk you feed your child no longer need to provide additional foods. In previous years only breastfeed their children until the age of 1 to 1.5 sanılırdı the best method. However, current research has revealed that this practice is wrong. Children from three months to give additional foods no longer are considered normal and necessary. Indeed, the stomach and intestines digest these foods were unable to indicate the system. On the other hand, this month, starting at the end of the assays in breast milk, iron, calcium and vitamins for children also were found to be insufficient.

The third month, you can give your baby extra baby food vegetables and fruit puree and custard.

If you can use vegetables, potatoes, carrots, spinach, zucchini, celery and peas can be.

Fruits should be the following: oranges and apples. Flour is used in pudding rice, wheat, barley, corn, oats, flours.

How to make vegetable puree?

Two soup spoon to fill the first wash vegetables. Washed and small pieces of chopped vegetables in a pot, until it was covered over with hot water, add a pinch of salt. Boiled for 20 minutes until the vegetables through a wire strainer. Puree vegetables prepared in this way before the child by giving him little by little try to get used to puree. If the puree does not want to eat a little more salt on the floor. Still do not want to insist that more time and try other vegetables. After a while your child, not like before, are likely to puree food.

Some vegetables can make allergic reactions in children. Rash, redness, itching and so on. like. In such cases, your doctor for your child to re-attempt the same vegetables. Vegetables against the child's response after it was kind of vegetable puree to mix two or three. It was you and your child's request. If you wish, you can put your baby's puree in a small amount of milk.

Fruit puree:

Fully washed and peeled fruits, grated or press, crush. Originally to be boiled apple apple sindirmesini will facilitate your child. In fact, all mature fruits should be given to the child. Nevertheless, the consistency of a thick puree that you can add into the milk.


Mentioned before, one of the two teaspoons of flour varieties are roasted and mild fever. This facilitated the digestion of the flour is added to two teaspoons of sugar. This mixture of half milk half water-initially, and later by increasing the amount of milk 5 to switch from full-milk is placed in a month and a half hours until the milk is boiled.

From time to time by changing the type of flour used in the pudding, you can make food more attractive to children, taking into biscuits. Diarrhea in children with rice flour is convenient to use.
Three months of food as a child about times and types of food should be:

6:00 pm - Milk.
10:00 am - Vegetable puree, milk, or sweetened yogurt after.
Time 14.00-Milk.
Hours 18.00 - Milk. Before you can milk two tablespoons of apple puree.
Hours 22.00 - Milk.

Please note the following:

• your child at the beginning of any new food, not more than one or two of coffee groin.
• No more than a few things to start when the child does not know the taste, allergies or any other discomfort küçükte If you can not understand what food he touched.
• Child resists do not want any food, then again try to give some time to leave temporarily.
• Make sure that you provide any kind of food is very clean.
• Children eat vegetables as well as put out for the first time do not worry, but if you see diarrhea or kakasında foam to provide your doctor with the news, you probably know that vegetables to touch your child. Vegetables for a while, it is more convenient to avoid the child.

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