Trapezoidal Teeth Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Dental meat inflammation (gingivitis) and as a result of injury to the gums with toothpicks and gum disease (piyore) occurs. Accumulated in the bottom of Dentistry dental stones (tartar), gums separate from the root of tooth. Weakens the tooth retention, tooth swings, gum disease can easily occur. Gums bleed frequently.

C vitamin game score disease occurs. One of the findings in this disease and bleeding gums.

Distorted (Trapezoid) Teeth

Growth and development in children and adolescents in the age of common dental health problem. Ortondik avoid anomalies, to treat, to provide good dental function, the main goal of orthodontics disciplines. Thus, with a good chewing curvature continuous permanent teeth, is acquired good speech and aesthetic beauty.

Closing the mouth disorder (occlusion) pressure and friction of teeth if oral and dental health deteriorates.

Crooked teeth and closing should be treated with emphasis on the importance of disorder.

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