(Anxiety) Diagnosis

Status Anxiety (Anxiety) How is it diagnosed?

Anlatıdığı earlier, such as a psychiatric disorder may be a sign of concern. Your doctor will ask many questions to decide about these diseases.

The concern becomes not only difficult to understand the physical controls. Because of concern or any part of body organs usually does not create an anomaly. As mentioned earlier, without any heart disease, high heart rate and breathing may be rapid. Therefore, to define mental discomfort or karmaşalarınızı, is critical in the diagnosis of anxiety state. Confusion in your head doctor, suspicions, and other symptoms is important to explain in all clarity and without hesitation on any topic. Finding the correct diagnosis, your doctor will be very difficult not behave sufficiently outspoken.

Your doctor willingly, some laboratory studies of heart disease, thyroid gland function, such as middle ear disease eleyecektir disorders.

What is Status Anxiety Treatment?

There are four main approaches in the treatment of an anxiety state.
These are:
Relaxation therapy,
Meditation and

Psychotherapy: This term is a very large number of mental and emotional condition, physical and psychological techniques other than drug therapies include treatment. There are two main therapeutic method for the treatment of an anxiety state. They are understanding (insight), psychotherapy and support (supportive) psychotherapy siök.

Understanding psychotherapy: (a) family, friends and business relationships, the balance of your environment, (b) motivation for treatment, and (c) to cope with the difficulties of life includes the power to determine the power of affecting the inner Self. Your doctor will not give in to it first kapasitesinizi to measure response to treatment works. If the problem relates to specific issues and some of the short-term treatment and the doctor gets rid of internal problems, you solve the underlying problems. helps. Lack of internal turmoil belritilerini relieve anxiety. If you are concerned about the underlying state of neurotic zorluklarsa, like psychoanalysis or long-term therapy may be required.

Supportive psychotherapy: doctor includes discussion on issues. Your doctor will give you confidence about the unrealistic fears and to confront the conditions will support you cause for concern. Supportive psychotherapy treatment does not only concern, but also to understand the conditions leading to anxiety and to reduce stress, try to change them.

Relaxation therapy: Your doctor will accept and implement suggestions helpful relaxation techniques. Your doctor can teach you specific techniques for relaxation. Initially, these techniques do with your doctor the right to use and to trust that these techniques are important and each ikinizinde. This relaxation techniques to bring a daily habit and you should apply. When the internal voltage for the conditions worsen, causing concern or facing If you apply these practices.

Meditation: a simple non-religious rituals or meditation techniques transcendental meditation be helpful to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Many studies of meditation claim out-of-body movements (heartbeat, respiration, digestion, etc..) Helped show that it is the optimum level.

Drugs: Your doctor may suggest antidepressants moderate or antidepressant for anxiety symptoms. Tranquilizers anxious or depressed people, without affecting consciousness sakinleşmelerine helps. Antidepressants, depression reduces the effect of establishing the balance of chemicals in the nervous sitemindeki. Here's a few drugs used for management of anxiety state-landırılmıştır detail.

Benzodiazepines: Tranquillizersların are many drugs in this group. Diazepam is one of the drugs in this group. An effective drug in the stomach and is absorbed very quickly starts to affect within fifteen to twenty minutes. But the effect lasts for an hour or two after. Needle is very slow absorption of diazepam, so it is not used much. This is a group of other drugs, Lorazepam absorption is slow, the most intensive effect seen after two hours. Unlike needle diazepam, lorazepam effect shows very fast. The most common side effects of benzodiazepines, especially in the initial stage of fatigue and sleepiness. Therefore, these machines are working is dangerous and must not use the car after taking drugs. Benzodiazepines, especially long-term continuous kullanılırlara three months to create dependency.
. Should not be used to negatively impact the baby during pregnancy and lactation. Box 2, leaving the principles of benzodiazepin-pins and shows symptoms.

Alprazolam: Recently, this drug for the treatment of anxiety and other mental disorders began to be used very intensively. Similar concern about the effects of benzodiazepines, but has side effects alpra-zolam'ın less, for example, does not create a state of sleep. This is an addictive drug.

Buspirone: These new drugs used to treat anxiety. Although the effects of similar diazemle, buspirone does not cause addiction or leave off the symptoms come back. Very slow start will have an effect and the effect is normally seen after 3-4 weeks. Therefore, concern is recommended for chronic buspirone.

Most of the research, diagnosis and treatment of anxiety medications is very rapid changes. Therefore, avoid taking medication on your own, your doctor should use the proposed remedies. Also important to remember that the drugs disappear temporarily remove the symptoms of anxiety, but can not fully healed. For this reason, leading to concern you should consult specialist mental health problems and conditions. How long will perform and the complexity of stress, anxiety independent of the time needed to find the causes of the main reasons.

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